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Fashion Week

Amehl  NYFW SS23 held in Brooklyn

Amehl NYFW SS23 held in Brooklyn

The Amehl aliens landed in a community garden in Bushwick. It was a stunning collection that indulged in dreamy intergalactic beauty with a social commentary and a sense of humor.


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In addition to the show, I have a new series of videos in which I play a glam New Age prophet character delivering cryptic sermons. There's a YouTube channel for this project. Included in this video project is a talk show who's host is played by my mother, me preaching in Times Square, and giving out brochures on the subway. So the action of inviting people to the show became performance art. The show promotion took on an interdisciplinary media art approach. The videos and photo series are available for publication upon request.

This was Amehl's 9th show during NYFW. Amehl shows are known for their ingenuity and include collections shown in a school bus, flower shop, hardware storejewelry arcade, and more. If you know my brand then you already know that the shows are conceptual and exciting with awesome clothes.

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