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Fashion Week



The enduring and inimitable style of the defining heroines of cinema continues to inspire designer Cho Cho Cheng, the creative force behind CHOCHENG. Consistently inspired by iconic women of film from the 1920s to 1980s, each show tells a story of an impactful moment in time, transporting the audience to another era.

For his Fall-Winter 2020 collection, he looked to Shirley Maclaine’s iconic style in the film, The Apartment.

A press photo of her in a tuxedo was particularly appealing for Cho as it breaks the tradition of tuxedoes being solely for men which was pioneering at the time. The male/female interplay is often evident in Chocheng shows, the key is to display femininity and authority at once.


There is a nod to the 1970’s / 1980’s disco movement and boss ladies this season, particularly in this season’s color palette, which includes pops of hot pink, purple and green.


In typical Chocheng fashion, there is always a whimsical interpretation of traditional British tailoring which perfectly complements his myriad interests and inspirations. Silhouettes reference equestrian style and trompe l'oeil jackets are at the forefront this season. Cho’s collections feature innovative techniques in creating form and silhouette through natural fabrics evident in AW20’s use of hand-ruched tulle giving the effect of a fur or shearling collar. Also featured are Chocheng’s signature cotton boucle jackets, cotton crepe shirts and handsewn petals accessories.


Of note, Cho has dedicated himself and his namesake brand to environmentally conscious manufacturing and cruelty-free fashion. Sustainability is at the heart of Cho’s business model. As a lifelong lover of the natural world, he has instilled thoughtful practices into his fashion line since its inception. All fabrics are natural and carefully sourced from heritage suppliers in the UK. His choice of fabrics is at once environmentally conscious and supportive to traditional craftsman methods.


His garments are constructed to be softer and more forgiving to the female form, allowing the gentle tailoring to create form and function for the wearer, without tight restriction. His ongoing make up collaborators are natural, organic, cruelty free beauty brand Inika and cruelty free advocate and renowned makeup artist Campbell Ritchie. Chocheng is also thrilled to partner with Unite again this season.


Chocheng recently opened his namesake boutique at 751 Fifth Avenue in New York City.

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