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Fashion Week

Chuks Collins SS2024

Chuks Collins SS2024

Bronx Based, Nigerian-British Designer Chuks Collins Showcases at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) After A Health Break, Collins, Presents His Comeback Collection: 012 .

Photography Credit: Kelly Gullett



Prints: Within "Marine Euphoria" emulate the intricate beauty of sea corals and marine creatures, celebrating the wonders of underwater life. Sustainability is at the core of this collection, with fabrics crafted from recycled materials, including regenerated nylon, thrift store upcycled denim, organic cotton, and more. The silhouettes offer a harmonious blend of effortless elegance and freedom.


The Empowerment: "Marine Euphoria" embodies empowerment. It's inspired by the transformative experience of overcoming fears through scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea, a place where the wonders of the underwater world come alive. This collection emanates a sense of empowerment, encouraging you to embrace the beauty beneath the waves and awaken your inner strength.

A Story of Creativity and Self-Expression: Chuks Collins' artistic journey is a tale of creative exploration and personal storytelling. His work transcends conventional boundaries, spanning various mediums, and is deeply rooted in his own experiences, as well as those of his clients and community. Over seven years, Chuks Collins has risen as a pioneer of cross-cultural high fashion, adorning celebrities and change-makers alike with his designs that celebrate individuality and self-expression.

A Journey of Cultural Fusion: Born in the United Kingdom and raised between Nigeria and England, Chuks Collins' multicultural background has profoundly influenced his creative vision. As a child in Nigeria, he learned the art of true tailoring from his grandmother, a skill that would become the cornerstone of his love for fashion. Despite his shyness, Chuks turned to creative expression as an outlet during his youth, honing his skills in drawing, portraiture, and fashion sketching. His talent gained recognition, leading to the auctioning of his artwork and participation in numerous art installations.

Jan 17, 2024

my name is Tommy Earl McMaha and I really love the moment of your space,I myself sir I love to design and i really would love to maybe get the chance to send you some of my thoughts.

Tommy Mcgaha

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