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DIRTY PINEAPPLE Fall/Winter 2019 Collection  The Morning of the Night

DIRTY PINEAPPLE Fall/Winter 2019 Collection The Morning of the Night

Dirty Pineapple was established in 2017 and is the result of a dynamic design collective made of Elsa Zai and Nellie Wang. The brand caters to a young and creative audience and has caught the attention of the press and consumers with it’s lounge suiting and vintage styling approach. With collections under the influence of different cultures, combined with high street fashion and creative matching, Dirty Pineapple aims to adapt to modern urbanites through a multi-layered mix of high-quality basic and innovative items. 


Dirty Pineapple established itself as a messenger for forward thinking. A creator of inspiring equality through content, design, and message. A blur of contrast for the search of true beauty. A quest for a gender equal world in an unequal driven society. A universal, sexless uniform of personality and lifestyle. Creative campaign for a new world order. Taking inspiration from past, present, and future DP is looking to be the authors of their own story with fashion as their chosen medium - each collection will speak to a new chapter. 


Styling Jungle Lin

Casting Brent Chua

Hair & Makeup AUGMENT @augment_tokyo 

Music Adam C. Passarella - USA Levi Lanser

Set Design Tom Palmer - Andre Rodriguez - Robert Harper
Production PSA

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