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Fashion Week

FDC Armenia SS21 - LFW

FDC Armenia SS21 - LFW

RUZANE - A collection designed for a sophisticated dresser with strong individuality and a brand that offers a contemporary, laconic and intellectual fashion statement. Inspired by a combination of comfort and minimalism.


DEMIURGE - Inspired from nature, only using natural stones and their stunning colors makes your heart bloom and your mind work to create something very special. All DEMIURGE pieces are all handmade and made from exceptionally silver.


Amore - With the inspiration from AMORE rich culture of handcraft. Bags are made of high-quality Italian leather, original design canvas, antique Armenian carpets, woven wool.


Damink is a unique unisex brand that uses art and photography as the main details of the designs. All pieces are made with unique colors and details that can also be custom made 

4tyseven Jewelry minimalism pieces are built to last forever.

4tyseven jewelry





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