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New York Men's Day FW23

New York Men's Day FW23


New York Men’s Day (NYMD), is a bi-annual collective fashion initiative intended to help nurture emerging talent and consolidate the showing of contemporary menswear and gender fluid collections. Each season, NYMD features a collective of menswear or gender fluid brands in a group presentation format over two-hour periods. The format of showcasing multiple presentations at the same time will create ease of flow for media and buyers, allowing them to move through the studios at their own pace. 



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Atelier Cillian FW23 Collection 
This season, creative director Stephen Mikhail titled his collection Mallevs Maleficarvm.





A.Potts (genderless) 



Atelier Cillian (menswear) CROSS EYED MOOSE* (menswear)

Kent Anthony* (menswear) Terry Singh (menswear)


* (unisex) Dionysus* (androgynous)



* (menswear) Nicholas Raefski (menswear)



(menswear + womenswear) Raleigh Workshop*
(menswear + womenswear)


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