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Fashion Week



oqLiq’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Aura protection, brought the brand’s mission of wearable confidence and culture to life this London Fashion Week. The Taiwanese designers Chi Hung and Orbit Lin consider oqLiq a sophisticated lab, breaking barriers with signature custom fabrics such as the Cooltton shown in this collection. 

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Aura protection is a layer of invisible biological wave magnetic field around the human body, which becomes an extension of consciousness like a kind of garment. It is a kind of value explored in the final home in the oqLiq universe. After the homeland was ruined, how to rebuild home and choose the so-called truly important things should be thought about, which brings out the concept of self-protection which is just like armor. It is like the explanation of the world “Gang Qi” which means justices in Chinese characters, presenting a kind of righteousness, an energy field which is as valuable as the soul, just like evolution, is faith and protection.


Aura is like an invisible barbed wire, presenting a protective totem, and RIPSTOP, which is the military ripstop force fabric, combines into an invisible camouflage with textures of all kinds to project the concept of overall protection this season, running through the theme.


This season, oqLiq debuted their show in London Fashion Week, using NIKE as the attire’s semiotic theme, weaving the Chinghsing tea culture into the fashion show, while extending the spirit of Taiwan's tea to London; using Hundr proprietary metal coating technology from semiconductor processes, for an ultra-lightweight Radiax® titanium insulation that retains body heat and efficiently accelerate body warmth. The event invites Taiwan's technology and art team, IF Plus, along with Lim Giong modern electric music that not only retains traditional Pingtung Manjhou folk music flavor, but also gives it a new flair through superlative sound mixing.


Dr. Cink sponsored New York makeup artist Jonathan Wu leading the make up team. As for the hair care and styling part, the famous Taiwan hair salon T iAM sponsored Lead hair designer Weic Lin leading the brilliant hair looks that dawned the runway.

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