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Fashion Week

Tanner Fletcher FW2023 Collection

Tanner Fletcher FW2023 Collection

The label’s latest outing finds inspiration in the joyous memories of long, carefree nights with friends, indulging in the youthful spirit of mischief and camaraderie. Always finding inspiration in nostalgia, Tanner Richie and Fletcher Kasell - design duo behind the label, looked to two seemingly hard to juxtapose eras when creating the latest offering, seamlessly blending nods to the bold and daring styles of 90’s punk with the soft, beguiling aesthetics of the Victorian era.


Picture This: Sitting in your bedroom, in a sea of floral wallpaper, ruffle heart pillows on the bed, windows adorned with delicate pink curtains and a landline sitting on your desk, covered in feathers. You finish a diary entry and are eagerly awaiting your friends’ arrival. You’re planning to do each other's hair and try on your best looks for fun, maybe shoot a music video on the family camcorder. You need to find an outfit to go with the heart locket waist chain and new jeans to which you’ve added extra rivets. The doorbell rings, you run downstairs, open the door, and the slumber party begins!







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