Being conscious is the state of awareness of external environments or something within oneself. Resuscitating from the chaos and reversal in progress that happened in the past, the value of taking a pause to confront oneself is underrated in a world where ‘sustainability’ is contradictorily pegged with ‘growth’. Yet being reflective and resurrecting the initial intention is a beautiful act of bravery. With its SS20 collection, XIMONLEE uses the personal journey as a metaphor to showcase the tender vulnerability and the brutal strength of mental growth.
The collection draws inspiration from classic menswear staples but breathes in reworked sophistication. Loosening up from the brand’s signature right-angled forms and embracing more easy-fitted silhouettes. Double-breasted silk satin blazers and iridescent crushed velvet suits leave center stage to black and white wool jacquard opposing like a poetic screenplay about primitive human desires and power games. Loose silk yarn is forcefully punched through heavy twill or tainted denim, growing out on the other side of the fabrics like they are sprouting after the apocalypse. Their movements and motions are then suddenly frozen by sheer foils which are heat-pressed on, resulting in uncanny engravings of emotional momentums, coincidentally favoring ink landscape paintings. Displaced sartorial details - back pockets in the front, elongated waist belts, and collar-scarf details - add intricate errors to the wardrobe.
XIMONLEE reveals the second step to his ongoing partnership with Reebok and previews their new Reebok DMX Trail Hydrex sneaker model in custom colors, a teaser to a bigger collaboration coming up in the near future.


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