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Fashion Week

Yannik Zamboni  Maison Blanche’s “BACK” collection during NYFW

Yannik Zamboni Maison Blanche’s “BACK” collection during NYFW


Courtney of  Mao Pr/  Photographer Andrew Werner


Yannik Zamboni, the just announced winner of Making the Cut ‘s third season, showed his maison blanche runway show on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at 9 p.m. at 35 Cortlandt Alley. 

Maison Blanche ss23 ouch magazine

 Yannik Zamboni established his conceptual fashion line maison blanche in September of 2020 showcasing his signature brand of “queer anti fashion”The ethos of the brand is described by Zamboni as “queer within the meaning of different, abnormal, or not according to expectations. Itssubversive content is reflected in the deconstruction and deposition of codes. It forms a side-stream to the mainstream and serves subcultures. maison blanche’s anti-fashion takes the liberty to create its own (ab)normal. It rewrites unwritten rules, completely detached from the oppressive ideas of social ideologies and the fashion industry.”


The current collection titled “BACK” is poised to fulfill the promises to challenge the preconceived notions and possibilities of fashion. Zamboni describes it as a “demonstration of a lived reality, in a time where walking backwards seems to be celebrated by society fused with the idea of what could be if we’d appreciated moving forward.” And adds that the show may “display and/or promote genitals, nudes, sex, porn, and political content.”


Collaborators on the show include Creative Director Ben Prince, StylistMartin Gregory Jerez, Casting Director Blair Broll, Hair Stylist Will Schaedler and Makeup Artist Mical Klip.



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