4 Must-Have Fashion Trends for Spring 2023

4 Must-Have Fashion Trends for Spring 2023

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be hard work. However, we have whittled through the list to find the best options for spring 2023. In other words, these are the pieces you cannot live without.

Spoiler alert: This year, it's all about comfort. Keep reading to see how you can glam up your wardrobe with spring-forward pieces. Looking good has never been this easy.

1. Sheer Dresses

Tea-length, knee-length, or leg-revealing mini, sheer dresses are the 'it' item this spring. If you can only choose one style, we're super fans of maxi-length sheer dresses, especially when paired with mesh heels or flat mules. Wear your see-through dress over your favorite leggings; a racy, lacy bodysuit; or with an oversized sweatshirt.

Dress it up or dress it down. However you choose to tailor this fashion trend to your style, it's impossible to go wrong with see-through/sheer dresses. The choice is yours: Keep it comfortable or step out in style. Indeed, see-through styles are one look you'll fall in love with and carry into next season, too.

2. In-Your-Face Green

While caring for the environment is always in fashion, we aren't talking about specific apparel practices but colors this time. Does anything quite say spring than in-your-face green? Key lime green or lime green — all your favorite bright colors are out there.

Go monochrome like your favorite fashion icons with head-to-toe green in the shade of your choosing, or add a splash of green in accents in the form of a clutch or a fabulous pair of heels. Even Napoleon used green wallpaper. To that end, this is one trend that isn't going anywhere.

3. Big Bags

Between your favorite makeup picks for a quick touch-up between errands, a change of clothes for the gym, your mindfulness journal, and that new book you've been meaning to read, you tote around a lot. In fact, the average woman carries around six pounds of stuff in her purse. Skip the purse, backpack, and gym bag. Instead, whittle down your must-haves and swap out all the extra ho-hum bags for the season's 'it' option — the bulky bag.

Consider this spring's must-have item the "one ring to rule them all." After the ridiculous too-small totes from previous years, we're all in when it comes to a big bag. Yes, bigger truly is better. Look for bulky bags from your favorite designers in every style and color. The hard part? Choosing among all the different options.

4. Flower Power

You've seen plenty of florals in everything from clothing to accessories. They are synonymous with summer and appear each year in some form. But this spring, think bigger when it comes to the can't-miss trends of 2023. We're talking about large floral embellishments, and over-the-top sculptural florals like you haven't seen before.

Pair these eye-popping florals with the drop-waisted and balloon-hemmed dresses popping up all over this season, and you'll have a retro 1980s look you can't help but love. Bonus points if you can add leaf-motif shoes for extra eye appeal. Indeed, it's a sizzling hot, retro-inspired look that can easily go from spring to summer.

Spring-Forward Fashion

As the calendar flips to February and soon March, banish the winter "blahs" by adding drool-worthy details. Whether you look for oversized florals or bags, switch to something sheer and do a little layering, or include a little more green in your daily ensemble, you can't go wrong with these must-have items.


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