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4 Statement Accessories to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

4 Statement Accessories to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

It is no secret that women love to accessorize irrespective of where they are going. This is because accessories lend a sense of personal style and fashion, complimenting their wearer's outfits. Unsurprisingly, Statista data in 2017 estimated the female accessories retail sales for that year to be $31.9 billion! There are numerous accessories you can add to your collection to make a profound statement wherever you go. So if you’re ready to find out the best accessories you should invest in to achieve this effect, then take a look at this list below.

  • Big dark sunglasses


Sunglasses remain a female fashion favorite because of the glamour and camouflage that they give to their wearer. To stand out when you wear this accessory, consider going all out - opt for oversized dark sunglasses! These sunglasses are a bold fashion choice that instantly draws attention to your sense of style, aside from making you look irresistibly cool. Many fashion experts suggest avoiding designs with metal frames but rather choose ones with lightweight materials like plastic. Also, keep things simple with classic colors like black, and most importantly, ensure that your sunglasses have UV protection to shield your eyes from sun damage.

  • Standout earrings

Several fashion experts agree that although earrings seem mundane, you can turn them into a center of attraction if you invest in the right kinds. As such, choose standout earrings that compliment your wardrobe and draw attention to your fashion sense. There are many earring styles you can choose from to make a statement. You can try large hoop earrings because they work well with a wide range of personal styles ranging from punk to elegant. Also, consider some cartilage earrings from Urban Body Jewelry and wearing mismatched earrings that look similar to make your earrings a center of focus for all who set eyes on you. 

  • A glamorous handbag

Your handbag is likely one of the accessories you can't do without in your daily schedule. As such, why don't you transform your favorite, basic bag that you carry around into something worth looking at twice? Depending on your fashion sense, you can choose one without any logo or designer nameplate, which still has a stylish look about it, like a classic black satchel. On the other hand, you may prefer a bejeweled bag for a bolder fashion statement. These bags are chic and "loud" and can enhance your minimalist outfit or take your already dazzling look to new heights.




  • Berets



As an alternative to mainstream hats, consider wearing a beret with a broad range of your wardrobe choices to make a real fashion statement. These iconic accessories combine well with everything ranging from skirts to pants. Berets are chic, modern, more elegant than your average beanie, and lend your outfit a French touch that is sure to captivate people as you walk past. Many fashion experts agree that you should choose berets in neutral colors like black, as they blend well with everything. So, keep this in mind when shopping for yours to make a memorable fashion statement wherever you go.