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Canadian Designer's   of the new label HALFWITS

Canadian Designer's of the new label HALFWITS


Our 2016 collection was inspired by a classic quote, "Not all those who wander are lost”. We believe that as humans we are continuously finding ourselves as we journey through life. Getting “lost” is a huge part of being able to find out who you really are. Through this we garnered our line to reflect the idea of being lost or searching for something.

What makes the collection different from any other men's brands?

Every piece is designed personally in Toronto with the modern man in mind. We travel to our manufacturer in China each year to handpick fabrics in order to bring a personal touch and great comfort to our clothing. Whether you are going to a meeting, biking through the city, meeting with friends or heading up north to camp for the weekend we make sure that in any situation you will feel comfortable, confident and most of all appropriate in an urban setting. Its street fashion without feeling like you have to be part of the ‘cool’ club. Everyone should be able to wear street-style clothing.

Who is your customer base and why? Who is not your customer and why?

Our customer base is shaped around the urban creative professional. We love to refer to our clothing as “Creative Workwear”. Our customers range from street-wear enthusiasts to consumers just looking for a garment that holds as much intrigue as it does comfort & durability. We would never say someone ‘isn’t’ our customer. At HALFWITS we open our arms to any and all customers. The streetwear clothing industry can be very exclusive at times; we are the opposite. We like to be very inclusive, hence our tag line "WELCOME TO THE FAMILY”.
Who is your idol client?

This is a huge range. But some examples are Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, Justin Bieber, Paul Rodriguez. Where is the collection made and designed? Our clothing is all designed in Toronto, Canada. Our clothing is made in Brunei, China

. Will you have a fashion show or event in the near future? We will be having our annual HALFWITS Family First party this Spring 2016 in Toronto, Canada. What can we look forward to in the future for this brand?

The future of HALFWITS is progression, collaboration & innovation. We always want to be on the edge of design, style & media. Look out for a lot more collaborations coming up with athletes, photographers, musicians & filmmakers. As much as we are a clothing brand, we want to always make sure that our lifestyle shines just as bright at the quality of our clothing.


What social media social are you on and do you offer any contest for fans? Feel free to use code “FAMILY FIRST” at our online store to receive a discount at checkout. Can you let us know any little things about the company that we would not know?

HALFWITS  a Toronto­ based contemporary lifestyle clothing brand, driven by the same grit found at the heart of hardcore, hip­-hop, skateboarding, and punk. Toronto was our first home, one that raised us to understand ideas of resilience, resource, and how to do it yourself within a world that wouldn’t easily lend its hand. With these lessons, we became creators, thinkers, doers, and owners; well fed with a hunger for newfound potential and possibility. We carry this mentality with us like a family tradition, paying it forward to a new era of dreamers searching for a their own passions. From this, our motto was born: ‘HALF WIT, HALF HEART’. HALF WIT represents the path, plan, and need to rethink potential and possibility. HALF HEART is defined by our full unyielding will to drive forward. It is the hunger, resilience, and very reason for choosing the path that we did. We express this with our clothing. Our vision aims to turn the word HALFWIT on its head. We all start as HALFWITS in life, but due to our passion, hunger and heart have created and crafted a clothing line to evoke equal parts HEART and WIT within the wearer. Having met while living in Toronto, Canada, James van der Woerd, Mark Butterworth and Jesse Storey were united by their love for skateboarding, hip-hop, fashion, and a passion for arts and culture within the city. This led to the foundation of HALFWITS. With careers in film, television, and graphic design, they pioneered the company to provide the urban creative male with an outlet to merge comfort with fashion and personal identity.