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Choosing The Right Accessories For An Outfit

Choosing The Right Accessories For An Outfit

Whether one considers themselves a fashionista or not, dressing up an outfit can be a great opportunity to experiment with personal style. Our styles change as we age and that style might be subtle or it could be a complete 360 from where it was previously.

Accessories influence an outfit greatly, so it’s worth making sure that the closet stocks plenty of accessories to partner up with the clothing available. Here are some tips for choosing the right accessories for an outfit.


Pick statement pieces

First of all, don’t try to go overcomplicated when it comes to accessories. You don’t need every single accessory available, otherwise, it’s just going to end up making it a bit of a mess. It’s also something that a person will likely feel more uncomfortable with as a result.

Try to pick out statement pieces, like a pair of long silk gloves to go with a dress for that old-time look, or a belt that cinches in the waist. Don’t overthink it and instead, focus on one or two accessories that complete the look

Don’t forget hand jewelry

Hand jewelry is essential, regardless of whether the outfit is casual or glamorous. With that in mind, consider what options are available depending on the amount of jewelry that’s typically worn on the hands.


There’s nothing like one of these 1 carat diamond rings here to really help glam up an outfit. If that’s too much, then there are plenty of ring variations worth adding to what’s already on the hand. From stackable rings to those ones that sit at higher positions on the finger, there are plenty of choices. 

Add a pop of color with a handbag

When it comes to providing a little bit extra to the outfit, why not give a seemingly neutral outfit a pop of color? When it comes to adding bold prints or colors, it can be done effortlessly with an accessory.




Choose wisely though as some colors can end up clashing depending on the outfit and accessory combination. Take a look in the mirror at how the handbag works with the outfit before heading out the door!

Clash patterns and textures to see what works

There are some patterns and textures that simply don’t go hand in hand together. However, there are some that surprisingly work! With that being said, be experimental when it comes to the different patterns and textures to see how some might marry together well.

Clashing can sometimes lead to a positive result but tread carefully when it comes to doing this with an outfit.

Remember accessories help tie together an outfit

Finally, it’s important to remember that accessories help to tie together an outfit. That’s why it’s important to invest money into more accessories for the closet. Even if it’s one or two statement pieces, the difference it can make to a look is substantial.


Choosing the right accessories for an outfit can be fun to experiment with, so use these tips to create the perfect look from top to bottom.