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CREATIVE DNA : KENYA 4.0 Launched online

CREATIVE DNA : KENYA 4.0 Launched online

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Derived from ‘Wau’, Nairobian for ‘Wow’, Wauzine is the acclaimed digital zine designed and created by the team behind Fashion Scout, London.

Conceptualised and developed by Billie and Martyn Roberts, Wauzine celebrates the works of emerging fashion, accessories and footwear designers, selected to participate as part of Creative DNA : Kenya 4.0, an innovative six month business incubator programme and showcase

This programme is instrumental in advocating emerging designers in Kenya, providing them with the resources, skills, and exposure needed to thrive in the global fashion industry, the programme is supported by the British Council and delivered in partnership between Trio Media, Kenya and Fashion Scout, London. Since in its inception in 2019, 71 designers have completed the programme.

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