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Refused to be Defined: A Conversation with Designer Ziyi Claire Wang

Refused to be Defined: A Conversation with Designer Ziyi Claire Wang

Meet Ziyi Claire Wang, a rising star in fashion design, presenting her latest collection with the fashion show named "Refused to be Defined." In this interview, Ziyi shares her unique take on fashion, focusing on affordability and sustainability, while highlighting the vibrancy of diverse body types and challenging traditional beauty standards.

Ziyi Claire Wang

Could you introduce your new collection?
In this collection, I've poured my heart into designs that celebrate individuality, diversity, and self-expression. You'll find an array of styles, sizes, and shapes, showcasing the beauty of every woman, defying societal norms. My emphasis is on comfort, confidence, and authenticity, urging women to embrace their unique selves. It carries a powerful message to women and girls: defy expectations, your worth is beyond appearance. True beauty is
unapologetically being yourself, and I can't wait for everyone to witness it and be inspired to embrace their individuality and self-worth.


Refused to be Defined: A Conversation with Designer Ziyi Claire Wang

What inspired you to promote body positivity in your designs?
My commitment to promoting body positivity stems from personal experiences during my school years with a strict uniform dress code. Witnessing classmates modify uniforms to fit perceived beauty ideals was eye-opening. Some altered waistlines and trouser legs, while others bought plus-size clothing to hide their bodies. These experiences fueled my mission to use clothing design for change. I want to shift focus from external appearances to overall health and well-being. True beauty, I believe, lies in good health and self-confidence, irrespective of body shape or size. Through my designs, I aim to empower individuals to
challenge unhealthy beauty standards and adopt a holistic approach to self-esteem.

Refused to be Defined


How do you make high-quality, eco-conscious fashion both affordable and
sustainable in your collections?
Ensuring high-quality, eco-conscious fashion is both affordable and sustainable is a top priority for me. I optimize production processes to minimize waste and reduce costs. Local and regional sourcing of materials lowers transportation-related emissions and supports local economies. Encouraging recycling and upcycling within my designs aims to extend clothing life and reduce the need for new purchases.

How do you encourage individuals to celebrate their beauty while maintaining a
healthy lifestyle?
Promoting body positivity and encouraging individuals to celebrate their beauty while maintaining a healthy lifestyle is central to my design ethos, especially in plus-size clothing. Inclusivity and empowerment are at my core. Through inclusive representation in shows and promotional materials, I challenge conventional beauty standards. My messaging focuses on
promoting self-love, self-acceptance, and the understanding that beauty is not confined to a specific size or shape. By prioritizing plus-size clothing, I reshape conventional standards, fostering a more compassionate and diverse approach to fashion and beauty.

Over the runway show for your new collection, what was the most interesting experience and how did it affect you?

The most intriguing experience during the runway show for my new collection was the profound connections formed with the plus-size models. Their talent, passion, and remarkable confidence left a lasting impact on me. Witnessing a shared commitment to promoting body positivity and inclusivity during modeling calls and screenings was inspiring.

The chemistry and camaraderie that developed highlighted a collaboration built on trust and shared values. This experience reinforced my dedication to creating meaningful, stylish fashion that celebrates diversity and self-confidence, emphasizing the transformative power of fashion in promoting positive change.

Refused to be Defined: A Conversation with Designer Ziyi Claire Wang final thoughts