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The Áwet Supper Club has arrived

The Áwet Supper Club has arrived

 Áwet New York is launching a new loyalty program to celebrate their most dedicated clientele: the Áwet Supper Club.

The inaugural dinner takes place this evening, Thursday, June 27th, marking the first of bi-monthly gatherings at the brand's NYC studio in Soho. Personally hosted by founder Áwet Woldegebriel, these dinners will feature surprise themes and esteemed guest co-hosts, bringing together members of the community for great conversation, exquisite cuisine, and unparalleled style.

Áwet New York has always been committed to fostering community connections and providing a platform for artists and emerging brands. This loyalty program underscores that commitment, celebrating the unifying power of global food and creating a space for meaningful interactions.



“We believe there's nothing quite like good conversation and delicious food to bring people together,” says Woldegebriel.“That's why we're thrilled to invite you, our valued community member, to the Áwet New York Supper Club!” Becoming a Supper Club member is a mark of appreciation for Áwet New York’s most loyal customers. These coveted 10-person dinners boast a “fancy but not stuffy” atmosphere, and select clientele will have a 24 hour window to sign-up when space is released the week of the dinner.

Woldegebriel, inspired by his lifelong exposure to entrepreneurs who prioritized customer appreciation, aims to celebrate the brands growth and success with clients more than anyone else.

Eligibility for the Supper Club is reviewed and updated periodically to ensure active engagement in the community, ensuring that the most devoted supporters of Áwet New York continue to enjoy these exclusive perks.

Membership to the Supper Club is offered to the brand’s top clients and supporters as a token of appreciation and gratitude.

This program not only incentivizes continued support and engagement with Áwet New York but also offers an array of exclusive benefits, including:

Never Pay Full-Price: Members enjoy exclusive pricing on Áwet New York products.

 Customization Access: Direct access to the Atelier team for personalized customization of pieces.

Exclusive Discounts: Special discounts on selected products or services not available to regular customers.

Priority Access: Early access to new product launches, events, and sales

Personalized Offers: Tailored promotions and offers based on individual preferences and purchase history. 

VIP Customer Service: Dedicated customer service email with priority resolution of issues. 

Surprise Gifts: Periodic surprises such as free samples, branded merchandise, or gift cards. 

Invitations to VIP Events: Exclusive access to special events, workshops, or seminars hosted by the company.

Free Holiday Wrapping: Complimentary gift wrapping during holiday seasons.