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Actor Orlando Pineda One to Watch for 2024

Actor Orlando Pineda One to Watch for 2024

Actor Orlando Pineda

Photographer Manolo Alzamora

Can you tell us more about your character, Dixon Trujillo Blanco, and how he fits into the complex dynamic of Griselda Blanco's family in the series?

Dixon is Griselda’s firstborn, the trouble maker, therefore the one carrying with all the baggage of her ambitions. He tries constantly throughout the series to be like his mother, a boss in a ruthless world, doing whatever he wants, without measured consequences, and that ends up being a mirror to Griselda to reflect upon.

As one of Griselda's sons, Dixon seems to be confident, good-looking, and smart. How did you prepare for this role to capture the essence of his character?

He definitely is, I focused on understanding Dixon’s family, who those people were, and how they would shape him in different aspects of his life. I did a lot of research and analysis of the script obviously, but I feel like the essence of a son wanting to make his mother proud was already in me so from then on was pretty easy to find Dixon.

The series explores Griselda Blanco's life as a savvy and ambitious Colombian businesswoman. How does Dixon contribute to or navigate the challenges within the family business?

He navigates them for sure. Dixon has seen the highs and lows of his mother’s life and he plans to stay on the highs, he only sees the positive in whatever is going on in the family business since it is what’s providing the nice life that they get to enjoy, so he is definitely a boost for Griselda to do what she does.

Working alongside Sofia Vergara and the rest of the cast, what was the most memorable moment for you during the filming of "GRISELDA"?

So many memorable moments in this production, Sofia and the cast were a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t just pic one. But one of the top five, is the first time “the family” had a scene together. It was the moment I felt like we had something special, something different, and that would captivate whoever saw it.


The character Dixon seems to have insights into his mom's life outside of the home. Can you give us a glimpse into the kind of relationship Dixon has with Griselda Blanco and how it influences the storyline?

Dixon is Griselda’s first child, he is the most similar to her and that makes him the worst to deal with for Griselda. He eventually becomes a reflection of her and her actions and that makes her see things from a bigger perspective.

‘GRISELDA" is created by the team behind Narcos and Narcos: Mexico. How does this series differentiate itself, and what unique aspects does it bring to the table in portraying the life of Griselda Blanco?

The team was a dream to work with, so much talent in every single one of the crew members and cast. This Series focuses on a Woman-boss and I think that already makes it completely different to Narcos. It involves drugs and the search for power but it also involves family and the search of the American dream, despite whatever it costs.

As a limited six-episode series, what can viewers expect in terms of the pacing and intensity of the storyline?

Not a single dull moment.

How did you approach portraying the balance between Dixon's confidence and intelligence while also navigating the dangerous world of Griselda's cartel?

Even though he is pretty smart, he is a young man trying to enjoy life, so it was really easy to see how his mind got wrapped around this world eventually becoming all he knew. Balance goes out the window for him, confident, smart, and just like his mother, ambitious. That was ultimately where I focus the balance for Dixon within those factors.

What challenges did you face while stepping into the shoes of Dixon Trujillo Blanco, and how did you overcome them during the filming process?

My dad is a General in Colombia’s army, so I was raised with complete repulse to everything drug related. Stepping into this project I had to find a reasoning and an objective to assimilate such behaviors, let alone a lifestyle surrounding it. So just as Dixon I started not really understanding that life, and as filming went on, I kept playing and finding the “fun” in that world.

The series depicts Griselda Blanco as the "Black Widow" due to her lethal blend of charm and savagery. How does this theme play out in Dixon's character, and how does he cope with the duality of his mother's personality?

For Dixon his family is his mother and his brothers, period. Anything and anyone else is just a distraction, and an obstacle that needs removing, and he learned that from his mother. For him the mix of a killer and a loving mother is not two separate things, she is ruthless but extreme loving. Therefore he obeys and understands both the boss and the mother.