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CW All American  Actor Simeon Daise is  one to watch

CW All American Actor Simeon Daise is one to watch

Actor Simeon Daise

Photographer:  Marcus Fort @mfortphoto 

Stylist: Kayla Bell

  PR Rep: 13 Publicity

CW All American  Actor Simeon Daise is  one to watch / ouch magazine

Describe your role in “Cheaper by the Dozen “ ? We are huge fans of Gabrielle Union and Zach Braff. How was that experience? 

I play “Chris.” The all-star athlete and heart throb at Deja’s new high school. Chris gives Deja a warm welcome when she and her siblings transfer to a new school in the middle of the semester, and a love connection sparks. It was a fun experience working with Gabrielle and Zach. The pandemic didn’t allow us too much time to connect outside of shooting our scenes, but it was still a great time. 


How do you choose most of your roles? Do you have an advisor, or do you do it by what's in your heart?

What a role that you thought hmm I could have played! 

Honestly, it’s spirit led. I’ve never been a part of any project that didn’t elevate my career in some way. Sometimes, the role chooses me and not the other way around. 

What does Afro-Futurism mean to you? Why did you decide to produce a documentary called “Saltwata Vibes”? 

Simply put, Afro-Futurism to me is the reimagining of black people beyond systemic limitations and outdated narratives. A space where we control our narratives and envision new possibilities for ourselves. 

“Saltwata” is a term used in my hometown to describe people from the Sea Islands. Saltwater surrounds the Lowcountry where I'm from. It’s a huge staple for Geechee culture. We could’ve called the documentary “Geechee Vibes,” but it was important to me that the title be inclusive. I wanted viewers who may not identify as Geechee but have Geechee ancestry to know that we share a common connection through the Saltwata that brought our ancestors here. The saltwater that served and continues to serve as a portal for our evolution. 

CW All American  Actor Simeon Daise is  one to watch/ ouch magazine 1

How does it feel to be a young black actor in America today? 

I’m optimistic. The floodgates of opportunity are open, and there’s really no limit on where we can take it. 

What were your top New year Resolutions 2022 and how are you doing so far? 

Start my production company Saltwata Films, and finish editing a thriller/horror script I’ve been writing. I’m on schedule with both. 

What's your workout or healthy lifestyle routine? What's a full day with you like? 

My days can vary. Especially, when I’m on set but I make sure to have 5 staples in my day no matter what.

spend the first ten minutes of every day in gratitude


-Self reiki session 

-Talk to my ancestors 

CW All American  Actor Simeon Daise is  one to watch/3

Single or Taken? Whats you type? 

I’m single. The crazy thing about types is that they change as I mature. 

What's you favorite 3 movies of all time? 

Love & Basketball, Training Day, The Harder They Fall 

What's you top 3 tv series? 

Ozark, Power, Lovecraft Country 

What other projects should we watch out for 2022/2023? 

Cheaper By the Dozen on Disney +, Snowfall on FX, and more All American! 

How can fans follow you via social media? 

Insta: @simeondaise 

Twitter: @simeondaise 

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