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Genevieve Kang  NETFLIX’S "LOCKE & KEY

Genevieve Kang NETFLIX’S "LOCKE & KEY

Locke & Key revolves around three siblings who, after the murder of their father, move to their ancestral home in Massachusetts only to find the house has magical keys that give them a vast array of powers and abilities. As the series unfolds, they discover they are in a fight for the keys with devious demons who will stop at nothing to attain them.
Genevieve Kang One to Watch  on NETFLIX’S "LOCKE & KEY_1
Photographer: Laura Baldwinson
Stylist: CheyenneHoffman
Glam: Nadia Hoecklin 
Interviews by @ouchmagazineny
Netflix’s supernatural thriller “Locke & Key,” please tell us about your role in this series.
Hey! I play Jackie Veda. She is the strong, smart, and compassionate girl next door, who strives to always see the best in others but also isn’t afraid to confront them about their shortcomings. Jackie befriends Tyler Locke early on and the two develop a gradual romance.
Had you read the comic before the series?
I hadn’t. Before signing onto the project, I read the first four scripts and researched the comic books online. But prior to joining the cast, I had very little exposure to this fantastical gothic horror world created by Joe Hill.
Do you believe in the supernatural?
I do, although I’m still learning about what exactly that means or looks like. Embracing my spirituality has been an integral part of my life for the past several years. Along with this has come my growing curiosity or intrigue for other beings, other realms of existence. I’m fascinated by astrology and quantum physics. I’ve also more recently begun to explore phenomena such as ghosts, angels, and ancestral spirits. It’s wild, I love it!
Genevieve Kang One to Watch  on NETFLIX’S "LOCKE & KEY_2
Where did you film this series and how scary are the sets?
We filmed mostly in and around Toronto, but for a lot of our exterior shots we also filmed in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. When we’re shooting, the sets aren’t actually that scary. Impressive and highly detailed, yes (our set design is incredible). But I wouldn’t describe them as scary — a lot of that is added in post-production, when our talented editing team infuses the raw footage with just the right amount of creepy.
How are you #stayinghome and staying sane?
I don’t know that I’m staying entirely sane, but I am staying home. Truthfully, I’m taking it day by day. I live alone and isolating for an extended period of time, with minimal to no human contact, has been really challenging. What’s keeping me healthy and happy during this time is multiple micro-meditations throughout my day: a few minutes of deep breathing, a short walk around my neighborhood (social distancing, of course), or extra cuddles with my cat Zoey. I’m also cooking lots of nourishing comfort food, which brings me an abundance of joy — I’m really into making warming soups and stews at the moment.
What are your health tips for people while we all are stuck in the house? Move. Because hopefully that movement will encourage you to breathe, which many of us could afford to do more of right now. A lot of us are experiencing more fear and anxiety as of late. There’s a lot of change happening in the world and at a rapid pace, and with change comes feelings of grief and loss. Movement and breath work — simply taking full belly breaths to stay grounded, to feel whatever needs to be felt at any given time — are really beneficial for helping me to process energy in the body and move it through. I would recommend the same for anyone else whose nervous system is in a more fragile state these days, which I think is a lot of us. No matter how small the space you’re in, get up, shake out, move your body, breathe deeply.
What's in your music top 5?
I’m all over the map when it comes to music. I’m a big fan of anything pop-folk or indie-folk — think: Fleetwood Mac, Maggie Rogers, Ingrid Michaelson, Haim, The Head And The Heart, Mumford & Sons. I really love indie-pop artists, Lucius and Regina Spektor. They’re both so unique. But, I’m also into any kind of 90’s hip hop, disco (throw on some Donna Summers, yes please!), and like any good Canadian, Celine Dion.
What other projects are you planning for this year and 2021?
What an interesting question during what is a most bizarre time! It’s difficult to do much planning right now, but I’m so excited that Locke & Key has been renewed for a second season. Of course, with the entertainment industry on complete pause during this global pandemic, we don’t know when filming for the series will resume — I really look forward to when that time comes. Until then, I’m very slowly and somewhat painfully working on some writing endeavors.
How can fans reach out to you and follow on social media?
I’m mostly on Instagram @genevievekng, sometimes on Twitter @genevieve_kang.
What Netflix shows are you or have you binged watched lately? Ozark, of course. But I also finished watching the second season of The Sinner not long ago, that show is so good.