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Grownish Star Ceyair Wright Exclusive

Grownish Star Ceyair Wright Exclusive

Photographer Mike Quain

How did you enjoy working with the fabulous cast on “Grownish"?

I had an amazing time working with everyone, the cast made things fun and exciting everyday! They  always brought my mood up, even when I was exhausted and were always extremely welcoming, the crew included. They all made me feel at home when I was on set, couldn’t as for a better cast and crew. 


What was it like off set?  Where is the show filmed?

When we were not on camera we often found ourselves in Marcus’ trailer playing games, making Tik Tok or just having good conversations. Some of my favorite moments came during our lunch breaks. We filmed the show mostly at  the Disney studio lot in Burbank, but filmed on location as well.


What was your character like?

Zeke is a very charming, charismatic and loyal guy who always has his friends back, no matter what happens.  He  has the ability to light up any room he enters, It was great to play him.


Space Jam: A New Legacy, which starred Lebron James. Thats amazing! 

Did you pick up tips about working in Hollywood from the legend Lebron James?

Thanks so much, I feel like I learned a lot from Lebron and it was definitely a blessing to be able to work with him, especially on this project.  I think the lessons that I received had to do a lot with my athletic career and things that he has done to become one of the best athletes in the world. I’m really grateful I was able to experience something like this, its unreal to even think about. 


Your career is off to an excellent start. Who inspires you in acting?

Michael B. Jordan is someone who is a big inspiration for me. I have had the chance to see him grow. From when he was younger playing Jamal in Hardball, one of my favorite movies, to where he is now, its incredible. I love seeing how far he has come in his journey. He’s an inspiration to me.


Since this is the Men's Style issue / What is your personal style? Who's your favorite designer out right now?

I would say I have a very versatile style and sometimes I find myself wearing a good amount of vintage clothing, but also love a good designer. I recently attended a fashion event,  Brandon Gray’s (Grayscale) clothing so I would have to go with him as my favorite designer right now.


What other projects do you have coming up in 2023 you like to share?

As of now, I’m focusing a lot on my time on my studies, being a student, a collegiate football player at USC and auditioning at the same time, but, also crossing my fingers Season 6 pick up of Grownish.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I hope to see myself playing in the NFL and also acting, would love to be able to do both!


How can fans find you via social media?

 My instagram and tiktok are both @ceyair and my twitter is @ceyairr