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Introducing Donna Benedicto

Photographer: Maryna Yazbeck WB: + Wardrobe Stylist 
Publicist: Adam Davenport @adamdavenportofficial
Model: Donna Benedicto @donna_b4real



Donna Benedicto is a Filipina Canadian actress and singer born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Growing up as an ethnic minority, Donna decided to make a switch from full-time singing to pursue acting in 2013 because she saw a gap in Asian representation. Since then, she has gone on to become the first Filipina lead in multiple TV movies, including the film With Love and a Major Organ featured in SXSW, Incendo's Farmer Seeking Love, as well as guest starring on NBC's The Good Doctor, and booking recurring roles on CW's Supergirl and ABC's A Million Little Things. This year she became a member of the prestigious Television Academy, making her a voter for the Emmy Awards.

In addition to acting, Donna is currently working on her first original album and recently released two singles that appear in the Lifetime original movie Wrath. She is also an avid boxer and kickboxer, having trained for 4 years at various MMA gyms in metro Vancouver.