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Young Hollywood series with Actress Brittany Charlotte Smith

Young Hollywood series with Actress Brittany Charlotte Smith

Meet Macedonian-Canadian actress Brittany Charlotte Smith an actor, singer, dancer and filmmaker. She was an ensemble member of Toronto’s Second City’s House company and recently premiered in ‘I Won’t Let You Go’ on Lifetime. This Dec 9th on Lifetime’s, It’s A Wonderful Lifetime she will be playing Lena in ‘A Recipe For Joy’. 


Watch Brittany Charlotte Smith in her upcoming projects - ‘The Naughty Nine’ on Disney Plus (coming 2023) and ‘The Wedding Rule’ (coming 2023). Catch at ‘The Care Giver’ at Sherman Oaks Film Fest, Toronto Shorts International Film Festival, Health In Focus Film Festival and ‘Artifice’ at The Yonkers Film Festival. 

Photographer - Calyssa Lorraine   


You're an actor, singer, and dancer which one you couldn’t live without ?

This is an incredibly hard question! I don’t think I can actually answer that. Even though I’m

currently acting the most at the moment they all are so special to me.


Which profession l came first? Nowadays a lot of people are triple threat what make you

stand out?

My parents put me into dance classes when I was 2. I begged them to put me into singing (at age Five  when I saw my first Spice Girls music video, and acting came when my parents put me in summer camps. As a child I was always drawn to finding new ways of expressing myself, and connecting emotionally with people. So, I think what makes me stand out is my ability to do those things through my humor and my vulnerability.


Lets have a little fun : 

USA or Canada or Europe ? Europe. But I love Canada (My home country) and the USA a lot.

So, it’s very hard to pick.


b.  Pizza or Sandwich? Pizza

c. Meat eater or Vegan ? Vegan

d. Plane or Boat? Plane

f. Uber or Drive yourself? Drive myself

e. Stream it or Go see it live? Live! I love being in the room with an audience, it has that buzzing energy. But sometimes it is nice being in the comfort of your own home.


What a day in your life like?

Usually my day starts with feeding my cat. Then I’ll check my email, and my schedule for the

day, do some cardio or a workout to get my body moving. Then I’ll make a matcha latte and

work on any auditions I have or scenes for acting classes/rehearsals. When I’m not working or I am class/show - I like spending quality time with my husband and hanging out with friends.


What inspires you in life?

Other creatives, painters, dancers, singers, actors. Nature inspires me, a long hike, a walk, being with animals. Also when I see acts of bravery in real life, that really inspires me. Seeing a person persevere no matter what gets thrown at them.


What projects are you working on now for 2022 and 2023 that you care to mention?

I’m really excited about the projects I have coming up in 2023. One is a film with Disney+

directed by Alberto Belli, and the other is a romantic film directed by Alpha Nicky Mulowa.

Currently my movie I Won’t Let you go directed by Meeshelle Neal is on Lifetime was just

released on Amazon Prime USA. I have two short films called The Care Giver and Artifice that just entered the festival circuit this month and have already been winning and nominated for

awards multiple festivals. Which has been really exciting!


What form of dance is your most favorite?

If I had to pick - My favorite style of dance is jazz and heels, because it’s fun and high energy.

There is a grace to ballet and waltzing that is also very beautiful to perform and watch.


Name you 5 top songs you can’t live without?

(Not in any particular order)


Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It

Mariah Carey- Fantasy

Celine Dion - Love Is on The Way

Whitney Huston - I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Britney Spears - Her whole catalog



How can fans reach out to you via social media ?

Contact me via or on Instagram @BrittanyCharlotteSmith

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