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Young Hollywood series with Orli  Gottesman

Young Hollywood series with Orli Gottesman

Orli Gottesman from PARAMOUNT+ hit series, YELLOWSTONE.  Orli makes her television debut  on Season 5 of YELLOWSTONE. She is about to, show audiences why she is someone to watch out for in the industry.  Orli plays the role of 16 year old, Halie, a confident, fun and outgoing girl who gravitates toward Finn Little’s character, CARTER. In the season 5, Halie becomes that person who gives Carter the chance to come out of his shell and to teach him not only about himself, but he finds himself always wanting Hailey to be around. Carter, has never had anyone in his life consistently and just wants to fit in, Hailey comes along and now there is someone who can fit that mold and be there for him. YELLOWSTONE at 8 pm PST.  

Can you Tell me a little bit about how it was in your home growing up with such a unique background? What's your favorite home cooked meal?
Great question, my background is definitely unique, haha. My family and I are super close and ever since I was little my parents always made sure my sister and I were really active.  If it was traveling, snowboarding, experiencing life, even at a very young age,  etc. My mom is a total animal lover, we have owned and own so many different types of animals, my mom will leave the house and randomly come home with another dog, haha.  My dad, an Israeli man, he  loves to make sure we are really cultured, a history buff. Since my dad works for an airlines, we are given the opportunity to travel a lot, we go to Israel every year and try to make our way to different places as a family to experience what life is in other countries, cities, etc. Obviously life for me has changed a bit since I got into acting, don’t have a ton of time to do the things I did when I was little, but we all make time for family trips.  On Friday nights we usually have a family meal together and on Saturday mornings my Mom makes this incredible french toast with Challah Bread and Jam! So good!   How long have you been an actress? Who inspires you in acting and why? I started acting when I was ten, so about 6 years now.  I love watching romantic comedies so Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts are two of my favorite actresses. I just love their style, versatility and comedic timing. I do think they pick so many great roles for themselves, love them.   You are co starring in the new series called "YellowStone '' on Paramount. What is your role in the series? I play Halie who is a 16 year old outgoing, confident teenager and becomes someone who is of importance to Finn Little's character, Carter. She is someone who brings him out of his shell and shows a different side of him, teaches him about himself.  He finds himself always wanting Halie around, a love interest….   
What advice have you gotten about acting from your peers or an older actor?  
Oh, I’ve gotten a good amount of advice from people, but something that stood out is not to take things to personally.  In the past I found myself getting really disappointed when I didn’t book certain auditions and start to question myself, which is the last thing anyone should do. Have fun, do your best! Someone else also told me, "you have to get 100 “no’s” to get that one “yes!”   


Where do you call home?
My family and I share our time between Florida and California  
What are your top 5 songs right now that you cannot stop listening to? 
Oh, wow, this is tough...I love so many artists, but I mainly listen to Mac Miller, Frank Ocean, and Coldplay. 
 What's your Hollywood Crush? Who would you love to work with in the future? 
  Haha, well… I've watched all of the series, Supernatural and for two reasons, Jensen Ackles, and Jared Padalecki :) I would LOVE to work with Adam Sandler, anything Happy Madison. I can watch anything from Adam over and over again… he is the best, such a genius at what he does! 


Do you have any other projects lined up for 2023 you like to share?  
I am super excited about some new opportunities in 2023, be on the look out! Sadly,  I need to wait to share with you all, but stay tuned.  
How do you plan to spend the new year?  
We are a big snowboard family, so likely someplace in a cabin in the mountains with the family.  
How can fans reach out and support you via social media?   @OrliGottesman