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Radmila Lolly classical singer and the talented designer

Radmila Lolly classical singer and the talented designer





Radmila Lolly is acclaimed. and ambitious sole designer of the couture fashion house Eltara Casata. 

Over the past few months, her singing career has skyrocketed, reaching the top 25 of the Billboard Dance Chart with her single Moving Meâ - Radmila Lolly ft Dani Hagan. She also has another song Tonight rising on the charts, but for now, they are frozen due to Covid-19.


The worldwide press took notice of her recent achievements and Radmila has been featured in several magazine covers around the globe.

Radmila released her last album Wonderland on a night of opera and couture at the famous Carnegie Hall. She uniquely combined her talents as a singer and a designer, performing the entire album with a live string orchestra while models displayed her corresponding couture collection.


How are you dealing with the whole lockdown? What brings you calm when you're at home? 

I’m taking advantage of this time to regroup, and it can be beneficial to do this for any brand or any artist. We can always be going without a break, and don’t see the errors in our work or businesses. It gives me a chance to reflect, and to practice and work on things I don’t always get the time to, since I am not distracted.  


How can fans reach out to you via social media? 

I always answer all of my Instagram DMs; everyone deserves equal treatment, so I make sure all of my fans receive a response from me. I only don't answer inappropriate messages.  


How do you describe your work - and yourself personally?

I am an artist - art can be expressed in many different forms. All my art comes from the same place in me, and I just express it in different mediums. I am at heart a storyteller, whether I do that through music, through fashion, through writing, etc. 


What does it mean to be a singer while there is a pandemic in the world?

I still practice the same way! I have shifted my musical focus away from solely singing, and more towards composition, so that takes up most of my time. I also study six different instruments for my compositional knowledge, so practicing those keeps me occupied. 



What were your creative inspirations behind the album 'Wonderland' and the fashion line that accompanies it?

To create something that makes opera accessible to more people, and that speaks to a younger audience than opera usually does. Melding opera and electronic music together, and creating the accompanying designs, became a journey of self-discovery for me. It helped me to find my own voice; I found what was already inside of me and put it out into the world. 


How would you describe your musical stylings and what inspires that 


I am fascinated by different instruments and finding out in what ways they are similar and how they are different. Understanding how each work is a little bit like speaking a new language. In terms of my musical stylings, I try not to go with trends and just express my own creative ideas. I still think it is important to understand the history behind the music and keep up with what is happening in the music world currently, in the sense that being informed gives me more tools with which to create my own music. 


What is your current physical distancing state of mind? 

It is heartbreaking what is happening around the world. Creativity for me is a way of meditation, so continuing my creative work helps me to stay balanced and have faith.  But my personal/professional life has not changed very much; a lot of my work is at home with my instruments, so I am still working as much as ever. 

What's a typical day in self-isolation?

I wake up, have my morning espresso, get on the phone with my music director, work on my compositions, and do work related to my art of music. Later in the day, I practice my-six different musical instruments, speak to my assistant, work on editing my novel, and add to the movie script I am writing. I think taking care of my body as well as my mind is very important, so I will either do a dance class or a session with my personal trainer over Zoom. Whether it be editing my photoshoots, checking on my website, or updating my social media –I am always doing something. Also, I make sure production in my fashion house is going up to speed, self-packaging everything with a personal handwritten note for every package that is shipped out. Dinner with my partner and a movie sometimes (for inspiration on movie scoring) is how I cap off my day. 


What fashion advice would you give to women?


I would like to tell women to not be afraid to be unique and express themselves through their clothing. Clothing is like a language, it gives you an opportunity to connect with people who find what you’re wearing is interesting, or have similar style and interests to you. At the end of the day, people will always be judging us no matter what we do or wear, so you should wear something that shows who you are truthful. If I had only $100 and walked into Forever 21, I wouldn’t just buy basic items to mix and match; I would buy items that catch my eye and are unique, that show who I am as a person. 




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