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VANQUISH on-screen heartthrob  Dylan Flashner

VANQUISH on-screen heartthrob Dylan Flashner

Photographer Rob Echanique

VANQUISH on-screen heartthrob  Dylan Flashner1


Action-thriller. Shot safely during the COVID-19 pandemic in Biloxi, Mississippi the film also stars, Ruby Rose, Patrick Muldoon and Oscar Winner Nick Vallelonga to name a few. The film follows Freeman, who gets entangled with his caretaker played by Ruby Rose as he brings them both into a world of crime due to dirty detectives. 


That is the movie VANQUISH about and what is your character like?

Vanquish is a classic action movie that is about a retired police commissioner Damon (Morgan Freeman) who blackmails his caretaker Victoria (Ruby Rose), by kidnapping her daughter, into helping him double cross his dirty partners in an attempt to clean up the city before it's too late. In the movie I play Detective Childs, one of Damon’s right hand men.


How was it to work with Morgan Freeman and the other cast?

It was one of the most surreal moments of my life and probably one of my most proud accomplishments. He is a member of the Mt. Rushmore for the film industry. But what really made it so special was how genuine of a person he was. He treated everyone with so much respect and his energy was remarkably contagious. 


What was the mood on set usual fun, drama, or just work as usual?

 While the cast and crew were busting their butts to make this happen, filming during this pandemic can be extremely stressful. There are so many protocols in order, and there is still a constant level of uncertainty that things will go according to plan. 


I read that you are a musician, please tell us of your current single and any upcoming written music?

I released a new single of mine, "Clouds," earlier this summer. I'm really excited about the feedback that we got. I was feeling confident about a new sound to explore and to hear from the public that they also vibe with it, it is incredibly encouraging. 

I have another track that I plan to drop within the next 3 weeks. The music I am making is very personal and this song is no exception. 


What's in your current music obsessions?

I hate sounding so mainstream or cliche... but at any given point in the day, I'm probably listening to Drake. The guy just doesn't miss. 


Dating, single, or just ready to mingle?

Ahhh... I wish I had a fun answer for you. But I'm truly focused on my work right now. 


How do you stay positive in this world we are living in now?

Well, I'm one of the lucky ones. I have a tremendous group around me for work and have a strong support system in my family. If my family is healthy and happy, then I try to keep things in perspective. 


Who would be the perfect costar for your next big project?

Camila Mendes,  Blake Lively,  Margot Robbie. They’re all extremely talented and I would love to work any one of them someday.


Who would you love to pair within music?

G Eazy and Russ are two artists who I really think I could create something special with. And then funny enough, I'd love to collaborate with Jamie Foxx. 


How can fans reach out to you on social media and is this you?

“Yes, we'd love to have fans join me on this journey.” 

My Instagram page @dylanflashner is pretty active and is a great way to stay in the know.