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Photographers: Matt Misisco & Photographer Bree McCool


E!’S “THE FUNNY DANCE SHOW” Heidi Heaslet/1


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So you can binge-watch all episodes if you need some good TV. 


 has your favorite comedians attempting to move their feet in a competition featuring hosts Heidi Heaslet and Justine Marino and Judges Loni Love, Allison Holker, and Justin Martindale, where the comedians compete For a Chance to Win $10,000 For a Charity of Their Choice. The new series showcases what can happen when some of the funniest, and sometimes rhythmically challenged, comedians become dancing competitors. Comedians include Ron Fuches, Sherry Cola, Adam Ray, Fortune Feimster, Jackie Tohn, Esther Povitsky, Tony Cavalero to name a few. Regardless of whether they kill it on the dance floor, the end result is always a belly laugh of a story told through fancy footwork.

Heidi is not just a co-host but also a creator and an executive producer. Based off of her and Justine Marino live show developed at The World Famous Comedy Store. Born and raised in California, Heidi is a successful entertainer, comedian, host, and actor. Her authentic and fresh voice has been seen throughout notable comedy venues, television, film, and digital. Heidi has been an active personality and comedian on All Def Digital and was a series regular on Direct TV’s short-form series #Millennials, and recently appeared in the feature film “Big Bear” on Netflix. You can also hear her voice on the opening track of Chris Rock’s Emmy nominated vinyl album “Tamborine”. 



Who comes up with the ideal concepts for this show?

It's a collaboration. Justine and I have a pretty good idea of what works and we try to help and guide the comedians. The choreographers really turn our comedy concepts into movement.

Who came up with the name?

Justine and I named the live show "Stand Up to the Streets" dance fans know that its a play on the "Step Up" franchise. The network came up with "The Funny Dance Show" for the TV series and I love both titles for many different reasons.

Does it have to be a funny dance or just any dance?

Oh, all the dance all is funny. Intentionally and sometimes not intentionally. Although we have some of the industry’s best choreographers, Kat Burns, Chris Grant, Comfort to name a few. The winners on our show thankfully aren't judged solely are their technical dance capabilities. Loni Love judges they're "Funny," Justin Martindale is in charge of "Showmanship" and Allison Holker, being our only legit dance judge on the panel judges their ability to "Dance.”

What makes this different from all other shows?

We are the inverse of all dancing TV. All of our dances are comedy-based concepts. It's more of a "Nailed It" vibe on our show. We are the opposite of "Dancing with the Stars" and we really really mean it when we say "So YOU think you can DANCE?!?!?!!" It's definitely a huge break from all the chaos that is the world right now. Plus every episode we give away 10k to charity, so just by watching you are helping!

Where was this filmed? Any plans to possibly change this format if you have to stay home longer?

It was filmed in Hollywood at Boulevard3 (Blvd3). The series is fully shot, and there's more fresh episodes airing every Wednesday 11/10 on E! Entertainment. So hopefully if you are watching and loving the show when we get picked up for a season 2 it will be perfect timing to dance with other humans again!

How long was the audition process?

We ran the show for almost 2 years before it went to TV, so we had a pretty good idea of what comedians would be great for the TV series.

You are also a comedian, do you have any plans for a stand-up performance on your off days?

I have done some IG live streams during this quarantine period but I'm taking more time to write and reflect. It's a good time to as when we go back to "normal" being on lockdown isn't was I want to talk about. I like life, as messy as it was, much better.

How are you staying sane in this time of forced #stayhome? Are we staying sane?

How are you saving safe and healthy?

I am lucky because I am in the US so I can still go outside on solo walk or runs. Last year I learned how to cook so I'm enjoying playing with that as well. Plus I put my phone down when I have to, that's a major one for me.

What brings you joy?

Honesty, laughter, dancing. Tequila or Whiskey helps too, but it's not the source.

How can fans reach out to you via the internet?

I'm on IG and twitter the most, no Facebook. Here are my handles, and reach out. I love hearing feedback about the show! 


Who comes up with the ideal concepts for this show? 

It's a collaboration. Justine and I have a pretty good idea of what works and we try to help and guide the comedians. The choreographers really turn our comedy concepts into movement.