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What's new with actor Dan Cade

What's new with actor Dan Cade


Where did you film the ‘ True Detective ‘ and How great was in to work aside the iconic Jodie Foster?

 I filmed True Detective in Iceland, which substituted for Alaska. I had some scenes opposite Jodie Foster, she was really nice, warm and friendly and we spoke about different things, mostly about LA, which is her home town. Jodie is really easy to work with and a great actress so you feel like you're really having the experience with her in the scenes.


How do you prepare for a role like this? What’s your secrets ?

 I learn the lines and go through the scenes and the characters journey. The environment really helps, once you get into costume and get on set, you really feel it and you're doing it for real, so everything else comes with that, movement, feeling, the way you talk and walk.


Is this your first time playing a role like this ? If not what were others? Was it as creepy as it looks in the preview on set?

 I've played US roles before, trooper kind of characters, or agents, like in Legends which is on TNT, I played a similar character opposite Sean Bean, Atlantic Crossing on PBS, military roles. The set pieces and the fake dead bodies were very real looking, so it's pretty creepy. My character breaks a frozen arm off one of the bodies by accident, which was a pretty creepy moment. The production had a big budget so they could make it look as realistic as possible.


How do you stay fit? What’s your health or fitness routine?

I train in all kinds of martial arts, wushu, acrobatics and gymnastics, parkour. I workout a lot with weights and cardio too, so that keeps me I'm shape and fit all year round. I train most days to stay in shape. I stretch and make sure I'm keeping my splits up for flexibility, it doesn't just help with martial arts, but also on set and the way you move and hit your mark.



Please tell us more about your other projects you have lined up ‘Black Sands ‘, what is your role ?

 Black Sands is a Nordic crime , I also filmed in Iceland. I have a great role in that. I play Stephen Mayer, who comes to Iceland to identify his wife's body, who was killed. I have alot of emotional scenes and filming that was an incredible experience in the amazing nature of Iceland. The up and coming ones, I can't say too much about, but they are awesome projects; the BBC drama, Strike: Ink Black Heart, based on the JK Rowling novel. This was great to be apart of such a prestigious project and I'm working on a huge movie right now, with Russell Crowe and Rami Malek about the Nuremberg trails. I think this will be a game changer in my career and I'm now repped by one of the top LA management companies, Brillstein Entertainment Partners.


How do you select which role would be good for you? What wouldn’t you act as? What’s your to die for role you’d just love that you haven’t acted as of yet? 

Well, the roles that come to me, I prefer ones where there is alot for the character to do in the scenes, dialogue, interaction with the leads or action sequences. I prefer to have a good arc where the character goes an emotional journey. I guess I wouldn't really want to act where my face is covered up or I cannot show any range, or a character that just has not much to do in the scenes. A role, I'd love to do is something like Denzel Washington's role in American Gangster, or Benecio Del Toro's role in Sicario. I love these intense roles and those stories and the production values.


Do you have other goals to produce or direct? Any outside hobbies and goals of entertainment? 

If I get to a stage where I can control and pick my projects, then directing would be great as it gives you more control. I observe directors on the set and how they work, it's very interesting but I feel like I would need alot of help to direct a project right now. Outside of entertainment, I generally like the outdoors, hiking, horse riding, exploring nature. Goals basically just to be free and experience the world so I can live a really full life outside of entertainment.


Do you come from a family line of entertainers?

If not how did you learn that this was your career passion? None of my family are in entertainment. I started watching these action movies when I was young with Van Damme, Jackie Chan and films like American Ninja, and Bloodsport. I got very good at martial arts from a really young age and just thought, perhaps I could do what these guys do, so started exploring and that's where I found acting and developed my career into an acting career, rather then striving to be an action guy. As I grew into it I found that drama and story telling and creating emotion was my passion.



How can fans follow and support you via social media?

 You can follow me on

instagram @dancade.official