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LGBTQ Entertainers

Something new in Music ANTIBOY

Something new in Music ANTIBOY



Photographer: Zack Stone 

Fashion Stylist :Todorov


 We love your look. How did you start your career path modeling, acting or singing?

Thank you! I started modeling in Australia several years ago with Chadwick Models. That took me to London and New York before signing with Ford Models in Los Angeles, which allowed me to move there in 2014. Knowing I was moving there, I started to do some student and short films and put a reel together beforehand, so within the first month of living in LA, I booked my first lead role in a feature, The Surface, which was very exciting. I’ve managed to consistently be booked for roles and modeling jobs since then with my favourite... getting to work on American Horror Story: Hotel.

 Which one is the most enjoyable to you at this point in time?

Music is the most new, so it makes it very exciting, considering that my debut album is almost finished and I’ve already released my first single, Devil, which has almost hit 300k views in just 2 weeks on YouTube. However, acting is still my greatest passion, I want to fuse the two and create a visual album, where each track on the album “A Glitch in Paradise” corresponds to an episode to a TV show, a kind of sci-fi musical about ANTIBOY.

 I hear that you are 'genderfluid robot from the future' . Explain please for ouch! Mag readers what exactly does this mean to you.

In the future, that ANTIBOY is from, social constructs have been eradicated and so race, gender and sexuality (minus physiological desire) no longer exists as used labels. Considering ANTIBOY also has a bionic body, there is no need to identify as a specific gender, so being able to attach to both feminine and masculine energy is what makes one fluid in this context despite having a male robotic body.

So, how long have you identified yourself as gender fluid? Have you ever had a long term relationship?

I used to say I was gender fluid a lot more than I do now, so instead, I prefer to say I’m of male sex and don’t necessarily call myself a set gender. Instead, I just feel those different sides of myself and embrace them. I’ve been in many relationships throughout my life, and I guess depending on what we would call long term, I would say I’ve only been in one mostly continuous relationship that was over a year - which is what potentially inspired some of the songs from this album.

 Who are some of your biggest inspirations in music and life?

I am very much inspired by Lana Del Rey, Nirvana, Twenty One Pilots, Kings of Leon and the 1975 which all definitely helped shape the album. There have been other icons whose fashion choices have also been an inspiration to my image including Lady Gaga and David Bowie.

What do you call your fans?

Where can they follow you via social media outlets? I have yet to call my fans anything specific yet, but in this world, ANTIBOY has affiliation with the ANTI EMPIRE, so it would perhaps be something relating to that. I can be found @theantiboy on IG and Facebook, and @antib0y on twitter. IG is the one I’m most active on.

Do you write your own songs? If so which ones?

I wrote the lyrics to all the songs on the album, and worked alongside my music partner to direct and help shape the melodies and chord structures thereafter.

Tell us about your new single Devil.

Devil is about someone or something that can take you down or destroy you, “you shine the devil into me.” Someone that can bring you back to your vices. However, the dance breaks and catchy post-chorus is important to recognize because despite all of that, it’s important to shake it off and dance, and rid yourself of the darkness stirred. There’s always a healthier way to release negative energy.

 Where do you see yourself in 10 years and/or what is your main goal or dream for yourself?

I see myself having a successful TV show based around the songs of ANTIBOY with each album corresponding to a different season or mini series or film in the next few years. While getting further along in my acting career to work on bigger projects and be able to create more content outside of ANTIBOY, like getting my musical “Too Pure” made along with it’s prequel drama called “Not Pure Enough” and see my other TV show ideas come to fruition.

Who would you really love to collaborate with?

I would love to work with Lana Del Rey or an artist like H.E.R. who I think is brilliant, I’ve very open to working with all kinds of people of different styles and genres to find cool new sounds and concepts.

Where can fans see you live and what other projects do you have lined up for 2018-19? I have a show in LA at El Cid on Sept 30th by Wild Riot with more to come, and I guess watch out for more video content, more single releases and hopefully the sci-fi musical itself "A Glitch in Paradise" after the album releases in a few months time.

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