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Estelle Fox debut EP ’The Prettiest Parts of Me’ on  this Friday

Estelle Fox debut EP ’The Prettiest Parts of Me’ on this Friday

  • will drop her magnificent six track debut EP ’The Prettiest Parts of Me’ on Friday March 24th. The EP was produced by the platinum selling Barb Morrison (they/them), famed for their work with Blondie, Rufus Wainwright, Franz Ferdinand. She is nationally broadcast Rated LGBT Radio, where she discussed her own sexual identity as a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. 
  • Estelle says, "The Prettiest Parts of Me EP is a depiction of some of the darkest and most human parts of me. The title is somewhat ironic, in the fact that it shows some of the most insecure feelings I’ve experienced, but also can be interpreted as fitting because vulnerability is quite beautiful. The EP was meant to come across as a shockingly real depiction of the emotions I’ve dealt with in some of my darkest spaces and serve as a source of comfort for those who’ve felt similar. There’s a lot of stigma around discussing negative self reflection so with this EP I wanted to put it all out there."  




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  • 17-year-old, Eastern Pennsylvania alternative pop artist Estelle Fox found a connection with music from a very young age with a piano front and center. Video clips of Kelly Clarkson, Katie Perry, and Taylor Swift captivated Estelle. She glued herself to the screen absorbing the art of performance by indestructible, commanding, and highly celebrated female musicians. At 10 years old, an unexpected change in piano coach heard Estelle sing and encouraged her to let her stunning voice be heard. It was this lightbulb moment that gave Estelle the creative blossoming to pursue her dream of singing and songwriting. Her talent was unleashed.
  • Estelle took the lead role of Veruca Salt in the school production of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” highlighting to her peers and the public that she was meant for the stage. As Estelle hit her early teens, the world around her was changing, and she found solace in writing songs that shone a light into her very own thoughts and sensibilities. As personal emotions surfaced while navigating the world around her, Estelle became invested in the need to empower young women in a world of excessive social media, stereotyping, and unrealistic expectations stamped upon teen culture. 

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