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Singer Judith Hill x Ouch Magazine

Singer Judith Hill x Ouch Magazine

Photographer Smallz & Raskin   

 What inspired you and why did it take so long to release your own cd?

I'm inspired when I jam with musicians. That is how many great songs have come to life for me. I spent a lot of time working with different producers and songwriters, all of which were great experiences. However, it took a long time because I was signed to companies that had certain expectations and ideas of who they thought I was. The moment I stepped away from that, I found freedom and the process became very easy, fun, and fast. We recorded the record in three weeks.

What can your fans expect from your music once they have listened to the entire cd?

People can expect a gritty, raw soulful experience. It’s dusty and classic and perfect for dance parties and road trips. “Back In Time” celebrates all of the music I grew up on. It’s the ultimate Hill Family house party music!

 We hear our absolute favorite man on this planet #PRINCE assisted with the cd. Was he a big influence on you and how?

I was very honored to have worked with my musical hero, Prince. He is one of the very few people left that understands funk music. He is brilliant at getting to the heart of a song and finding the core motor in the groove that drives the tune. Also, as a producer, he keeps in the mind the stage and comes up with arrangements and parts that will work well for the live show.

How would you describe your style today from 5 years ago?

Five years ago I juggled with much more pop and urban pop ideas. Today, I have embraced my classic soul roots fully. My voice will always be soulful, regardless of the music surrounding it. But, these days I’m only interested in making music that sounds as analog and vintage as my voice.

What measure are you taking to stay true and be true to yourself on this new cd?

For this record, I protected the creative space from too many outside opinions. I just did music that I love. I’m letting the album take its natural course in the world. People are slowly catching on and truly appreciate it.

Where do you call home?

What are your favorite things to do when you go home? Pasadena, California is home. When I’m there I get $ 15-foot massages, bike ride, and eat sushi.

 What are your favorite countries or cities to visit?

Paris, Istanbul, and New York. I love New York because I can walk for ages and never get tired. There’s so much to see and experience in the Big Apple. And the city never sleeps! Paris is a magical, romantic place that brings back so many memories of when I used to live there. And Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. The colors and architecture take your breath away.

Can we expect a tour if so when?

There will be dates in December and then the tour will extend into the new year.

 When will the first video be released?

We will release a music video in December.

You're an original and this is why we love you but who do you think is producing similar music that's out right now?

I can relate to Alabama Shakes and D’Angelo’s records right now. Although not entirely similar, we all celebrate organic, gritty soulful music.

If you could do a duet with anyone past or present who would it be?

I would have loved to do a duet with Louis Armstrong.

How can fans reach out to you and are there any other dates we should remember?

You can follow me on

Twitter: @Judith_Hill, Instagram: judithgloryhill   and Facebook: /JudithHillOfficial

Stay tuned for dates that are posted on my social media

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