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One to Watch Rock icon  Malina Moye in Music

One to Watch Rock icon Malina Moye in Music

One to Watch Rock icon  Malina Moye in Music1

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How did you join focus with Bella Thorne on a project? How was that experience?

Her team reached out to me via Instagram, and we had some cool conversations and then both teams made it happen. She’s an amazing person, and she knows exactly what she wants, and it was a wonderful experience.

How long did it take you to learn guitar and at what age?

I started playing at 9 years old but by 12 I was professionally touring and performing in my
family band with my mom, dad and two brothers.

What inspires you to write songs?

Life, experiences…everything. Rather they are my experiences or someone else’s. I love to learn and write about them.

What does a typical day look like in your shoes?
It all depends on what I have going on in my life. Now I’m focused on writing and recording. So for example I will go for a jog, return calls, do interviews and then head to the studio.


What's your beauty routine? Any tips and ticks fans need to know?

One, I never go to sleep with makeup on. EVER. I also do facials every 3 months. My routine is very simple: I wash my face in the morning with benzoyl peroxide 10 percent and then apply Ambi face cream and vitamin E on my face every day. Simple but it’s effective.

At what age did you know you had talent, and what happened next for growth?

I would say six years old. At six, I was always writing songs and singing. My parents were my first musical heroes. I would practice, hoping one day they would let me be supported on one of the's tours.

Where do you call home?
Los Angeles





What's your favorite song you've written and why?

My song “Enough”, because it’s a song that has a deep meaning for me, apparently so many others too. I want people to know that they matter, and they count. They are enough.

Who would be a life-changing person or band to work with on a song?
Bruno Mars, Eminem, Drake, Rihanna, and Hall and Oates.

How can fans reach out to you and do you have any projects you'd like to mention?
Please say hello to me on Social media. Everything is under my name. Look for the blue checkmark that says, Malina Moye. I'm so excited that the world is starting to open back up and lives are being saved. I'm also looking forward to releasing my new record and few cool partnerships. I can’t wait to announce.
Stay safe everyone.

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