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Gift Ideas from 'Less Bitter, More Glitter'

Double comedy album 'Less Bitter, More Glitter' from Kendra Cunningham and Katina Corrao' Photo: Mindy Tucker Album Art: Julia Johns L: Kendra Cunningham R: Katina Corrao       New York comedy fixtures Kendra Cunningham and Katina Corrao are proud to release their double comedy album Less Bitter, More Glitter on 800 Pound Gorilla Records, and will be celebrating its release with a live show on November 5th in New York. Less Bitter, More...

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Recording Artist One To Watch "Peche" - Ouch! Magazine

Recording Artist One To Watch "Peche"

    Photographer: Andrekza Vasquez  When did you realize you wanted to become a musician/artist?I don't think it's something I wanted, but something that just happened. Since I was a little kid, I've experience art in different ways. My mother got me into art school when I was younger, and I started to learn about painting, sculpting, and more. I've loved art since I can...

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