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Tips For The Perfect Girls Night In - ouch magazine

Tips For The Perfect Girls Night In

If you’re a woman, then you know that sometimes all you need to feel your best is a girls night in. If it’s your turn to host the event, then you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for the job. You’ll want to make sure every detail is just right and that your friends have a wonderful time. Therefore, it’ll require a little preparation work...

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Organization Giving Back During Pandemic - Ouch! Magazine

Organization Giving Back During Pandemic

FRThankYou.com offers consumers a way to do something more for their communities with every purchase of high quality, well-priced performance apparel. Every purchase from FRThankYou.com helps:  25% of the purchase price of all sales will be donated to charities selected by the customer’s choice among FRThankYou.com’s non-profit partners; When consumers buy a Healthcare Hero Performance Tee, an identical performance shirt will be gifted to deserving medical first responders nationwide. “This unique...

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Celebs & Their Flashy Luxuries- ouch magazine

Celebs & Their Flashy Luxuries

Celebs are known for having everything and anything flashy and flaunting it all for those of us who can’t afford it to see. But we love following celebrities and their lives, it’s fascinating to see how the other half live. We get caught up in their drama, know their lives inside and out, and almost feel as though we’re connected to them in some strange...

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Cricket Has Taken Off, Do You Want To Join The Hype?..- ouch magazine

Cricket Has Taken Off, Do You Want To Join The Hype?

From Australia to the United Kingdom, cricket is a sport that has universal appeal. It is certainly increasing in popularity as of late, as more and more people take up the sport. If you are someone who is interested in giving cricket a go, you will obviously need to ensure you have all of the equipment necessary to do so. This post is here to...

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Chinese New Year: Welcoming the Year of the Dog Here how to get ready Celebrate.. - ouch magazine

Chinese New Year: Welcoming the Year of the Dog Here how to get ready Celebrate

  The traditions and celebrations go back in time and are transmitted from generations to generation; they welcome health, wealth and good relationships over the coming year. 1) When and where is it celebrated? This year, the Chinese New celebrations start on Friday, February 16. The first day falls on the new moon between January 21 and February 20.  In 2017, the first day of...

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