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How To Feel Safe In Your Vehicle

How To Feel Safe In Your Vehicle

Maybe you’ve just got a new car? Maybe you’re about to go on a 2 week long road trip? Whatever the plan is, you need to feel safe in your vehicle and like you can rely on it when you’re behind the wheel! And while nothing quite does the job like experience, you can still feel safe and comfortable in a car when you drive safely and responsibly. Check out these tips for help with that. 


Be Aware of Vehicle Details


The car or van you’re driving - how old is it? How many miles are on the clock? Who owned it before you? And do you have the manual to hand? It’s best to know these things from the moment you buy the car, and hopefully even before. Use a site like edmunds to find out as much information as possible before you put any money down. The more you know the car, the easier it’s going to be to trust it to keep you safe. 


Make Sure You Can See Properly


How well set up is your car’s cockpit? Can you see properly over the top of the dashboard? Is the seat aligned to your back well, with the head rest supporting your neck? Before you set off anywhere, make sure you spend some time adjusting all of these settings. 


If you need to bring a cushion to sit on to ensure you can see the road, make sure you bring one! You can also customize with cabin accessories, such as seat belt cushions and seat covers, to generally make your car feel like a good place to be. 

Try Defensive Driving


Defensive driving is a type of driving where safety takes precedent. For anyone who’s recently learned to drive, you’re likely to have learned this during lessons, and used the method during your test. However, if it’s been a little while since you passed, you may need a refresher! Check out these tips for road safety from behind the wheel - being defensive on the road not only keeps you safe, but keeps everyone on the road with you safe as well. 


Practice Driving at Night


Driving in the dark is scary, and all drivers can agree on that. You can’t see anywhere near as well, your lights may not be as powerful as someone heading the opposite way. You’re also likely to be quite lonely on the road, and that can get pretty spooky! 


So try practicing night driving. Go on short trips around your area when the sun has gone down and get used to navigating by your own lights alone. The more confident you are now, the easier it’s going to be to drive long distances if you’re on a road trip. That keeps the trip fun!


Feeling safe in your vehicle is a matter of practice. Get out on the road more often to try out things like defensive driving and driving at night. Trust your vehicle and trust your skills!


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