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Signs Your Car is About to Break Down

Signs Your Car is About to Break Down

If you’re not sure if your car is about to break down then you need to make a change here. If you don’t look out for the below repairs then you may find that you end up running your car into the ground, which is the last thing you need.

Battery Damage

One of the main things you need to look out for is battery damage or corrosion. If you can see green powder around your battery or if you see signs of corrosion around any of the terminals then this is a clear sign that you should be changing your battery before you have a breakdown. When your battery is on the way out, you should see signs beforehand. You may find that your car stalls or that you experience electrical issues. Other signs are that your car won’t start, which is a major issue, to say the least. If you want to do something about this then you need to try and compare car battery replacement prices so you can make sure that you get the result you want. 

Lumps of Oil


Engine oil, most of the time should be light yellow and it should also be free from any lumps. You can test this by simply using a dipstick. If you notice it is coated in either dark brown or sludgy oil then you may need to arrange to have your oil changed. Oil will lose its lubricating properties over time and this can lead to major engine damage. Similarly, when the filter is old it will allow dirt to circulate the engine. This can lead to a lot of corrosion overall. You can do an oil change at home if you have the right tools and know-how but at the end of the day, you should attempt it yourself so you can feel confident. If you can do this then you will soon find that it is easier for you to get the result you want.


Metal Flakes in the Oil


As oil circulates your engine, it may be that it picks up metal shavings or even flakes from the components. A lot of this comes down to the components wearing down. If this is the case then you probably have an older car. The oil filter is designed so that it catches these flakes. If you have noticed a large amount of these flakes then it’s probably time for you to replace your oil. Green or blue pools under your car can also be a bit of an issue. Colorful puddles can indicate that your car has a coolant leak. Of course, topping up the coolant is easy to do but you do need to make sure that if you buy a coolant, dilute it according to the instructions. You should only do this as a short-term fix. You should not do this if the leak is major. If you know that the coolant reservoir is empty and the leak is severe then you should avoid driving your car entirely. Driving a vehicle that has little or no coolant will cause major damage to your vehicle, especially when it comes to overheating. If you end up finding yourself in the position where your car has given out on you and you are stuck on the side of the road then one thing you can do is hire a towing service.


Uneven tyres


When your tires wear out unevenly, you may find that you end up with suspension issues. You may also have misaligned wheels too. A good way for you to test the tread depth of your tyres would be for you to carry out the 20p test. When you do this, you will be able to find if your wheels are wearing out differently which should save you a number of issues. 


Dashboard Warnings


Dashboard warning lights can indicate that you have a range of problems, from standard routine maintenance, such as you need to get your car serviced, to serious issues. A yellow light isn’t as urgent as a red light but you do need to get it sorted out either way. Any warning light is a major issue and if you ignore it then this can lead to breakdown. Sound issues such as grinding or squeaking when you drive should also be looked into. Hissing and other related noises should also be pinpointed, so make sure that you keep this in mind. The exhaust releasing blue smoke means that you have oil in your fuel supply. When things like this happen you may find that your car cannot run as well as it once did. White smoke that comes from the exhaust can also suggest that water or even antifreeze is within the fuel supply. This can cause you major issues, so make sure that you look into it as soon as you can. Dark smoke, or smelly smoke can indicate that you do not have the right fuel-to-air ratio.


In any instance, the above issues should be repaired with ease, if you simply take your car to a mechanic. When you do you will soon find that it is easier for you to get the help you need. If you want to help yourself here then make sure that you talk with your mechanic if you are having the above issues. When you do, you can then count on them to give you the advice and support you need. They may also be able to not only prevent issues but also recommend upgrades that will keep your car running efficiently in the future. If you can keep things like this in mind then you will soon find that it becomes easier for you to get the result you are looking for. If you need some help with your car then remember, seeking it now could save you a lot of money. It’s also better to trade in your car now before the repairs get worse if you intend on buying a new vehicle.


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