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England, 1813. In the middle of a long-awaited marriage proposal, Miss Estrogenia Talbot gets her period. Her suitor, the dashing Mr Dickley, mistakes the blood for an injury, and it soon becomes clear that his very expensive education has most certainly missed a spot.

Co-writer/directors Julia Aks and Steve Pinder’s wonderful partnership began in 2016 when Steve was directing a SOUND OF MUSIC parody whilst studying at USC and discovered Julia’s impeccable Julie Andrews impersonation. In 2019, the two came together once again to co-direct a Julie Andrews parody of Ariana Grande’s 7 RINGS. The parody went viral, and the pair began a string of collaborations for Julia’s YouTube channel.

Producer Elli Legerski was raised in small towns and used movies as her escape to more exciting worlds. As she obtained her degree in film at the University of Utah, she met and landed jobs with several renowned filmmakers, including Lee Daniels, Peter Jackson, and Freida Lee Mock. She moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and was recruited to work in Film Finance at the Creative Artists Agency. She now produces and writes full-time. Her projects have premiered at Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, Santa Barbara, Outfest, and Sitges. She is currently developing two upcoming series, as well as a feature film.

The stunning cinematography was created by Emmy-nominated Luca Del Puppo

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