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A Strange Path, (Brazil) - World Premiere. A young filmmaker returns to his hometown and attempts to reconnect with his father as the pandemic rapidly accelerates across Brazil. However, their relationship proves to be more complicated with increasingly bizarre phenomena occurring as they get closer. Directed and written by Guto Parente. Produced by Ticiana Augusto Lima. With Lucas Limeira, Carlos Francisco, Tarzia Firmino, Rita Cabaço. Winner of the 2023 Best International Narrative Feature, Best Performance in an International Narrative Feature, Best Screenplay in an International Narrative Feature, and Best Cinematography in an International Narrative Feature. 


Against All Enemies, (United States) - World Premiere. Documentary producer Charlie Sadoff makes his directorial debut with Against All Enemies: an inside look at how military veterans become radicalized through groups like the Proud Boys. As a slew of experts and veterans explain, the connection is more complex, historical, and exploitative than it may seem. Directed by Charlie Sadoff. Produced by Charlie Sadoff, Kenneth Harbaugh, Sebastian Junger. Written by Charlie Sadoff, Sebastian Junger, Kenneth Harbaugh. 


All Up in the Biz, (United States) - World Premiere. In All Up in the Biz, director Sacha Jenkins creates a collage of celebrity interviews, rare film, reenactments, and playful animation to share how Biz Markie left his mark on the history of hip-hop. Directed by Sacha Jenkins. Produced by Andre Wilkins, Djali Brown-Cepeda.


All You Hear is Noise, (United States) - World Premiere. Parallel drives for victory and acceptance underscore the intersecting journeys of three U.S. triathletes training to compete in the Special Olympics World Games. Trent Hampton, Melanie Holmes, and Chris Wines grapple with the bias[es] and misconceptions hurled at them daily, which only enhances their will to succeed at the Games. Directed, written, and produced by Ned Castle, Matt Day. 


Between the Rains, (Kenya) - World Premiere. Between the Rains is a coming-of-age documentary following a young member of a formerly nomadic northern Kenyan tribe as it deals with the environmental and psychological effects of climate change. The result is a film woven around the concepts of tradition, culture, and home. Directed by Andrew H. Brown, Moses Thuranira. Produced by Moses Thuranira, Samuel Ekomol, Andrew H. Brown. Winner of the 2023 Best Documentary Feature and Best Cinematography in a Documentary Feature.


Blood for Dust, (United States) - World Premiere. Jeff loses his traveling salesman job and decides to take on a risky new opportunity with Ricky, an old acquaintance. Soon, he is submerged into a dangerous underworld in this edge-of-your-seat action thriller. Directed by Rod Blackhurst, written by David Ebeltoft. Produced by Noah Lang, Mark Fasano, Nathan Klingher, Bobby Campbell, Arun Kumar, Ari Novak. With Scoot McNairy, Kit Harington, Josh Lucas, Stephen Dorff, Ethan Suplee, Nora Zehetner, Amber Rose Mason. 


Boca Chica, (Dominican Republic) - World Premiere. A lively coming-of-age drama, Boca Chica follows twelve-year-old Desi in her pursuit of becoming a famous singer. As Desi braces to leave her hometown, she's met with deep-seated secrets that have long tormented her family and their coastal Dominican community. Directed by Gabriella A. Moses, written by Marité Ugás, Mariana Rondón. Produced by Sterlyn Ramirez. With Scarlet Camilo, Jean Cruz, Lia Chapman, Xiomara Rodriguez. Winner of the 2023 Nora Ephron Award. 


Break the Game, (United States) - World Premiere. Record-breaking gamer Narcissa Wright grapples with her toxic obsession for attention and her space in the streaming community after coming out as transgender, all while attempting to set a new world record for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Directed and produced by Jane M. Wagner.


Chasing Chasing Amy, (United States) - World Premiere. A filmmaker goes on a journey of self-discovery while making a documentary on the development and creation of Kevin Smith’s controversial LGBTQ+ film, Chasing Amy. Directed by Sav Rodgers. Produced by Alex Schmider, Carrie Radigan, Lela Meadow-Conner, Matthew Mills, Sav Rodgers.


Comedy of War: Laughter in Ukraine, (United States) - World Premiere. Four Ukrainian stand-up comics tour their homeland, bringing laughter and joy as a form of resistance and recovery amid wartime. This heartfelt documentary beautifully portrays the enduring human spirit and comedy's healing power. Directed by Christopher Walters. Produced by Krista Liney.


Deep Sea, (China, Netherlands) - North American Premiere. The visually-remarkable coming-of-age animated film Deep Sea thrusts a young girl down to a dreamlike aquatic world where she encounters bizarre creatures and fights to reconnect with her mother. Employing sumptuous watercolor and 3D animation, Tian’s film is a feast for the eyes and heart. Directed and written by Xiaopeng Tian. Produced by Qiao Yi. With Wang Tingwen, Su Xin, Teng Kuixing, Yang Ting, Ji Jing, Fang Taochen.


Hey Viktor!, (Canada) - World Premiere. Twenty-five long years after his time in the limelight, former child actor Cody Lightning tries to revive his fortunes with a self-produced sequel to Smoke Signals in this smart, irreverent new comedy. Directed by Cody Lightning, written by Cody Lightning, Samuel Miller. Produced by Samuel Miller, Blackhorse Lowe, Joshua Jackson, Kyle Thomas, Sara Corry, Blake McWilliam. With Cody Lightning, Hannah Cheesman, Simon Baker, Adam Beach, Gary Farmer, Irene Bedard, Colin Mochrie.


It’s Basic, (United States) - World Premiere. A compelling look at Universal Basic Income pilot programs in U.S. cities, It’s Basic follows those spearheading the movement to combat inequality and poverty. Directed by Marc Levin. Produced by Michael Tubbs, Daphne Pinkerson, Auri Akerele, Elizabeth Sehring.


Je'vida, (Finland) - World Premiere. When embittered Sámi elder Je’vida returns to her childhood home to ready it for sale, she is flooded with the memories of a life shaped by deep systemic racism and the unyielding love of her grandfather, leading to a life-changing epiphany. Directed by Katja Gauriloff, written by Katja Gauriloff, Niillas Holmberg. Produced by Joonas Berghäll, Satu Majava, Anna Nuru. With Agafia Niemenmaa, Heidi Juliana Gauriloff, Sanna-Kaisa Palo, Seidi Haarla, Erkki Gauriloff, Matleena Fofonoff.


Let the Canary Sing, (United States, UK) - World Premiere. Alison Ellwood’s spirited documentary Let the Canary Sing takes the audience on a nostalgic exploration of the life and career of legendary pop icon Cyndi Lauper, with a boisterous narrative anchored by the inimitable Lauper herself. Directed by Alison Ellwood. Produced by Alison Ellwood, Trevor Birney, Eimhear O’Neill, Andrew Tully, Tom Mackay, Richard Story, Rebecca Teitel, Sophia Dilley, Wesley Adams, Lisa Barbaris, Gregory P. Cimino II ESQ. 


Melody of Love, (Ethiopia, Belgium, Argentina, Germany) - World Premiere. Ethiopian jazz guitarist Michael is called upon by his mother to leave Addis Ababa and join her in Brussels, stoking his deep resentment toward European entitlement in this rich, evocative meditation on the internalized weight of colonialism. Directed and written by Edmundo Bejarano. Produced by Carlos Vargas. With Elijah Akalu.


One Night with Adela, (Spain) - World Premiere. After her night shift ends, Adela goes on a drug-fueled, violent rampage of furious revenge on those who ruined her in this remarkably paced, audacious debut. Directed and written by Hugo Ruiz. Produced by Roberto Valentín Carrera, Pedro Azón Ramón y Cajal, Israel Luengo Arana, Hugo Ruiz, Fausto Arias Figuerola-Ferretti, Tote Trenas. With Laura Galán, Gemma Nierga, Jimmy Barnatán, Rosalía Omil, Raudel Raul, Fernando Moraleda.


Öte, (Turkey) - World Premiere. Directed by and written by Malik Isasis & Esra Saydam. Produced by Eda Çarıkçı, Esra Saydam & Malik Isasis. With Iman Artwell-Freeman, Eren Alici, Gülsüm Ölgen, Ziya Sudançikmaz.


Playland, (United States) - North American Premiere. Haunting, whimsical, and exquisitely realized, Playland pays tribute to a long-lost Boston gay bar and the beautiful queer souls who gave it life. Directed and written by Georden West. Produced by Russell Sheaffer, Hannah McSwiggen, Danielle Cooper.  


Q, (Lebanon, United States) - World Premiere. In her exceptional debut feature, filmmaker Jude Chehab potently explores her mother Hiba’s devotion to an all-female, secretive religious order in Syria. With visually striking and haunting imagery, Chehab scrutinizes how this devotion upended their mother-daughter relationship and the dynamic of the whole family. Directed, written and produced by Jude Chehab. Winner of the 2023 Albert Maysles Award for Best New Documentary Director. 


Rise - the Siya Kolisi Story, (South Africa) - World Premiere. Chronicling the legendary story of the first Black captain of the South Africa National Rugby Union Team, Rise - the Siya Kolisi Story shows a rebellious young star as he becomes a leader, and ultimately a cultural icon. Directed by Tebogo Malope. Produced by Jon Day.


Rolling Along, (United States) - World Premiere. Bill Bradley has experienced many lives and has worn many hats throughout his lifetime. This is the live theatrical recording of this monumental performance. Interspersing archival footage with Bradley’s performance, the film honors a uniquely American life, paying tribute to the act of storytelling in a way that hasn’t been done in a very long time. In our times of division and uncertainty, perhaps we can all learn something from Bradley’s stories about perseverance, acceptance, and unity. Directed by Mike Tollin. Written by Bill Bradley. 


Smoking Tigers, (United States) - World Premiere. Set in early-2000s SoCal, Smoking Tigers follows a Korean American girl as she navigates derision and growing tensions while balancing the duality of her low-income family and wealthy, elite high school environment. Directed and written by Shelly Yo. Produced by Guo Guo. With Ji Young Yoo, Jung Joon Ho, Abin Shim, Erin Choi. Winner of the 2023 Best Screenplay in a U.S. Narrative Feature and Best Performance in a U.S. Narrative Feature.


Stan Lee, (United States) - World Premiere. Tracing his life from his upbringing in New York as Stanley Lieber to the rise of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee tells the story of Stan Lee’s life, career, and legacy using his own words and personal archival material. Directed by David Gelb. Produced by David Gelb, Jason Sterman and Brian McGinn. A Disney+ release.


The Space Race, (United States) - World Premiere. Highlighting the experiences of the first Black astronauts through decades of archival footage and interviews, The Space Race is a reflective illumination on the burden of breaking barriers. Directed by Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, Lisa Cortés. Produced by Keero Birla.


The Line, (United States) - World Premiere. Coming-of-age feature The Line explores the moral ambiguity of loyalty to tradition, as seen through a college sophomore in the throes of fraternity culture. Directed by Ethan Berger, written by Ethan Berger, Alex Russek. Produced by Alexandre Dauman, Jack Parker, Adam Paulsen, Lije Sarki. With Alex Wolff, Lewis Pullman, Halle Bailey, Austin Abrams, Angus Cloud, Scoot McNairy, John Malkovich.


Uncharted, (United States) - World Premiere. Filmmaker Beth Aala goes behind the scenes of Alicia Keys' "She Is The Music" songwriting camp in this revealing look at the music business. Through the experiences of young Black and Brown women, we are shown how hard it is to succeed in a world granting very little access and opportunity for them. Directed and produced by Beth Aala. Executive Produced by Abby Greensfelder.


We Dare to Dream, (UK) - World Premiere. An inspirational, intimate story of resilience and freedom, We Dare To Dream follows athletes on their journey to become part of the refugee Olympic team in Tokyo 2020. Directed by Waad al-Kateab. Produced by Joanna Natasegara.

Animated Shorts Curated by Whoopi G:

  • American Sikh, (United States) - World Premiere. The animated true story of a turban-wearing American Sikh, who after a lifetime of facing hate, self-doubt and violence, finally finds acceptance in a superhero costume. Directed by Ryan Westra, Vishavjit Singh. Produced by Vishavjit Singh. Written by Ryan Westra. 
  • Restless is the Night, (United States) - New York Premiere. A 2D narrative animation that tells the story of two women of different ages trying to take control of their own lives. Directed by Xiaoxue Meng, Yuehan Tan. Produced by Shengluo Zhang. Written by Yuehan Tan, Xiaoxue Meng.
  • The Night Doctrine, (United States, Afghanistan) - World Premiere. An Afghan journalist embarks on a journey to find out who murdered her family 30 years ago, only to uncover hundreds of civilians killed in a secretive American-backed program. Directed by Mauricio Rodriguez Pons, Almudena Toral. Produced by Lynzy Billing. 
  • Corvine, (Canada) - New York Premiere. An eccentric boy has trouble fitting in at school due to his obsession with crows. Directed, produced, and written by Sean McCarron. 
  • Witchfairy, (Belgium, Bulgaria) - New York Premiere. A young fairy leads a boring life at the fairytale castle. She’d rather be a witch and get really messy. She therefore decides to run off to the witch forest. Directed by Cedric Igodt, David Van de Weyer. Produced by Cedric Igodt, Lachezar Velinov. Written by Brigitte Minne. 
  • A Cow in the Sky, (United States) - World Premiere. The true story of a young Ethiopian immigrant in America wrestling with his identity and trying to understand the American Dream after his father's murder by white supremacists. Directed and written by C. Fraser Press, Darren Press. Produced by Darren Press, C. Fraser Press, Larry Hirschhorn.
  • Starling, (United States) - World Premiere. Starling, the spirit of a mischievous little girl shoots down from the heavens to spend her birthday with her family. Directed and written by Mitra Shahidi. Produced by Jessica Heidt. Winner of the 2023 Best Animated Short.


Shorts: Bats**t Crazy 

  • Daddy Issues, (United States) - World Premiere. A young dominatrix encounters an unexpected client. Directed by Matt Campanella, Stephanie Chloé Hepner. Produced by Matt Campanella, Anthony Campanella. Stephanie Chloé Hepner, Hardy Awadjie. Written by Matt Campanella. 
  • They Grow Up So Fast, (United States) - New York Premiere. When Brian meets Amy after a night out on the town, things move a lot faster than he'd anticipated. Directed and written by John F. Beach. Produced by Martin Spanjers. 
  • The Black Keys “Wild Child”, (United States) - New York Premiere. The Black Keys return to high school with a vengeance. Directed by Bryan Schlam. Produced by Jr Wilson, Sarah Nadeau. 
  • Somewhere in Between, (United States) - World Premiere. Two will-they-won’t-they friends are just enjoying a simple New Year’s Eve— until a man from the future bursts in, telling them the fate of the universe rests in their hands! Directed by Kyle Vorbach. Produced by John Horan. Written by Kyle Vorbach, John Horan. 
  • Dead Cat, (Canada) - World Premiere. “You know your cat’s dead, right?” Directed and written by Annie-CLaude Caron, Danick Audet. Produced by Astrid Barrette Tessier, Sophie Valcourt. Winner of the 2023 Best Narrative Short.
  • The Vindys “Bugs”, (United States) - New York Premiere. A restless night's sleep for Jackie Popovec, lead singer of The Vindys, sends her on a wild inception-like dream within a dream. Directed by Peter-John Campbell. Produced and written by Jackie Popovec, Peter-John Campbell.
  • Brenda & Billy (and the Pothos Plant), (United States) - World Premiere. Two estranged siblings, a botanist and a magician, come together to try and raise their mother’s body from the dead. Directed and written by Dave Solomon. Produced by Harris Doran, Dave Solomon, Karen Johnston. 


Shorts: Duets 

  • For people in trouble, (UK) - World Premiere. When two people meet one night in London, their relationship blossoms and fractures, intertwined with impending societal collapse. Directed and written by Alex Lawther. Produced by Giannina Rodriguez Rico, Sam Brain.  
  • Hardy and Lainey Wilson “Wait in the Truck”, (United States) - North American Premiere. In the middle of a stormy summer night, HARDY encounters a girl- battered and beaten- and is forced to make a decision that forever changes his life. Directed by Justin Clough. Produced by Ben Skipworth, Taylor Vermillion. Written by Michael Hardy, Justin Clough. 
  • Il Fait Beau, (Netherlands) – World Premiere. Directed and written by Leonardo Cariglino.
  • Sealed Off, (China, Macau, United States) – World Premiere. During an unexpected air-raid lockdown in the 1940s, an accountant and a university teacher meet, and quickly fall in love. Then, unexpectedly, their connection was as momentary as the lockdown. Directed and written by Tianyu Jiang.
  • Konpa, (United States) – World Premiere. A young Haitian-American learns how to dance Konpa to impress his crush. Directed and written by Al'Ikens Plancher.
  • My Eyes Are Up Here, (United Kingdom) – New York Premiere. A disabled woman sets off on a mission to get the morning after pill. The only thing in her way is...everything. Directed by Nathan Morris. Written by Arthur Meek.


Shorts: Free Flow 

  • Someone “I Guess I’m Changing”, (United Kingdom) – New York Premiere. In a futuristic universe, a worker stuck in a looping routine discovers the existence of a greater world beyond their sterile cubicle and bit by bit, starts breaking free. Performed by Someone. Directed by David Spearing. Written by Tessa Rose Jackson.
  • Then Comes the Body, (Nigeria, United States) – World Premiere. When a video of kids dancing in the rain goes viral, it brings global attention to an unlikely ballet school outside Lagos, Nigeria. Now they're preparing for the world stage.Directed by Jacob Krupnick.
  • Letter to Rosie, (United States) – World Premiere. Letter to Rosie captures an intimate portrait about survival, self worth, self love, and overcoming all of life’s obstacles. Matt’s tormented past finds its way into our film. Directed by Ariel Danziger.
  • Lunarcode “The Light”, (United States) – New York Premiere. A powerful music video by award winning rock band Lunarcode. Performed by Lunarcode. Directed and written by Vincenzo Carubia.
  • Dragon Boys, (United Kingdom, Ghana) – World Premiere. In Accra, Ghana - a group of young men have formed a performance troupe based around a unique combination of acrobatics, dance and fire-breathing. They are The Dragon Boys. Directed by Tom Ringsby.
  • What Next?, (France) – World Premiere. Julien Meyzindi is a "Subject" dancer at the Paris Opera. He joined at the age of 12. Today, he is 42 years old and must leave. Directed by Cécile Rogue.
  • Flower, (United States) – World Premiere. World-renowned ballerina Misty Copeland stars in her first independently produced short art film, an immersive experience in movement storytelling that highlights intergenerational equity in the community of Oakland, California, featuring new, original music from Grammy-winning recording artist Raphael Saadiq. Directed by Lauren Finerman.


Shorts: Inner Peace

  • A Fox In The Night, (United Kingdom) – New York Premiere. A South London story in which opposites attract, appearances deceive and bravery reaps rewards. Directed and written by Keeran Anwar Blessie.
  • In Passing, (United States) – World Premiere. A burnt-out chef struggles to navigate her growing resentment towards her romantic partner, a fledgling painter. Can their love endure in a world that prioritizes productivity over human connection? Directed and written by Hillia Aho.
  • HEARTBEAT, (Switzerland) – North American Premiere. Long-time friends Vanja, Alex, Liz and Evie go on a camping trip together. Something is in the air between the women. It is the abortion that Vanja just had. Directed by Michèle Flury. Written by Michèle Flury, Martha Benedict.
  • Thaw, (United States) – World Premiere. While isolated in a remote farmhouse for the winter, two friends begin to switch genders. Directed and written by Alex Bush.
  • Nuit Blonde, (Canada) – United States Premiere. At night, Victor walks without supervision to live his life. Directed and written by Gabrielle Demers.


Shorts: It's All Relative 

  • Line Klungseth Johansen “Anoana”, (Norway) – New York Premiere. During a solar eclipse a girl decides to put her powers to the test in the northern wilderness. She takes on the ultimate challenge, a fierce and formidable musk ox. Directed by Line Klungseth Johansen. Written by Line Klungseth Johansen and Øystein Moe.
  • Rustling, (New Zealand) – New York Premiere. In a family of sheep rustlers, a 15-year-old boy must go up against his domineering father in order to help his younger brother keep the baby lamb left orphaned by their latest slaughter. Directed and written by Tom Furniss.
  • Feliz Navidad, (Italy) – International Premiere. If the heart remains the one of a child, is it really that absurd to meet Santa on a Christmas Eve? Directed and written by Greta Scarano.
  • Upsidedown, (United States) – World Premiere. The same day Randa tells her family she doesn't want to go college, an esteemed food critic comes to review her family's restaurant and turns everyone's day upside down. Directed and written by Razan Ghalayini.
  • Blood, (Australia) – World Premiere. Shanti bleeds during a Tamil coming-of-age ceremony. In a culture where fertility is celebrated, menstruation is shunned and infertility is silenced, Shanti struggles to keep a secret. Directed and written by Vathana Suganya Suppiah.
  • Shadow Brother Sunday, (United States) – World Premiere. A down-on-his-luck musician returns home on the day of his younger brother’s movie premiere to steal his computer and sell it to the paparazzi. Directed and written by Alden Ehrenreich.


Shorts: Life Isn't Normal

  • Cuarto de Hora, (France, Chile) – World Premiere. Alex (25), is a young Haitian man living in Chile who is undocumented and does not speak Spanish. After a car accident he is helped and translated by Daniela (50), a passerby with whom he is going to live what could be his last 15 minutes of life. Directed and written by Nemo Arancibia.
  • Angelo. (Bolivia) – New York Premiere. A young Bolivian shoe shiner uses his imagination to escape a harsh, everyday reality. Directed and written by Alex Plumb.
  • Spinning, (Mexico) – New York Premiere. Spinning bike, corpse, plastic dick, lots of lies, blood, money cleaning up the mess, a perfect world slowly falling apart and greed watching from its seat in the front row. Directed by Isabel Vaca, Arturo Mendicuti. Written by Mara Vaca.
  • Ferns, (Chile) – World Premiere. Ana's family lives in confinement after seven years of the pandemic. The plants' ban as the new carriers of the virus, won't stop Ana from turning home into a forest. Directed and written by Paz Ramírez.
  • Fairytales, (Mexico) – World Premiere. At a religious retreat, Lidia befriends Arantxa with a fabricated tale. But after discovering a dead fairy, Lidia questions her lies and the true essence of friendship. Directed by Daniela Soria. Written by Daniela Soria and Mar Flores. Winner of the 2023 Student Visionary Award. 
  • Schettinimous, (Argentina) – International Premiere. Schettinimous, an old prophetic artist, confronts the conclusions of his career in a trash TV show. In the meantime, his eight-year-old granddaughter is making a school documentary about his life. Directed by Tomás Terzano. Written by Tomás Terzano and Macarena Rubio.
  • Ecstasy, (Mexico, United States) – World Premiere. A mystical sci-fi based on Saint Teresa de Avila's writings. Inside a ghostly mausoleum, these nuns are being affected by a black hole. Directed and written by Carolina Costa.


Shorts: Misdirection 

  • Regular Rabbit, (Ireland) – New York Premiere. The good name of a seemingly regular rabbit falls victim to an unstoppable tide of disinformation. Directed and written by Eoin Duffy.
  • Proof of Concept, (United States) – World Premiere. An aspiring auteur tries coaxing her dad and uncle into financing her first short film but winds up raising more questions than dollars. Directed and written by Ellie Sachs.
  • Everybody Dies…Sometimes, (United Kingdom) - International Premiere. A dark comedy about death anxiety that follows Mara as she grapples with the belief that she has killed everybody she's gotten close to. Directed and written by Charlotte Hamblin.
  • Bellybutton, (United States) – New York Premiere. A Y2K teen girl struggles to connect fantasy and reality when she gets a coveted piercing. Directed and written by Hilary Eden.
  • Let Liv, (United States) – World Premiere. A young alcoholic woman agrees to attend an AA meeting with her partner. When she unexpectedly runs into her estranged mother, she’s forced to confront demons from her past. Directed by Erica Rose. Written by Olivia Levine.
  • Fish Out of Water, (United States) – World Premiere. Lexi, a struggling young mom, has an opportunity to reconnect with her estranged family after she's approached by her now-sober father with news of her mother's failing health.Lexi, a struggling young mom, has an opportunity to reconnect with her estranged family after she's approached by her now-sober father with news of her mother's failing health. Directed by Francesca Scorsese. Written by Francesca Scorsese, Megan LuLu Taylor, Savannah Braswell.


Shorts: Road Map 

  • In the Shadow of Palms, (United States) - World Premiere. In the Shadow of Palms is an intimate portrait of three lives on the outskirts of Los Angeles and the creative ways they find hope in this cinematic documentary. Directed and written by Mischa Meyer. Produced by Tiffany Sanchez Koh. 
  • Over the Wall, (United States) - World Premiere. Over the Wall is an immersive film following Brehanna Daniels, the first Black woman pit crew member and tire changer in NASCAR, as she works her way back from injury to participate in the Daytona 500, the biggest race in the sport. A testament to the power of perseverance and what it takes to be a trailblazer. Directed and written by Krystal Tingle. Produced by Krystal Tingle, Moon Lee Ferguson. 
  • Cam’s Mementos, (United States) - To better understand what he has, filmmaker Cam Archer revisits former subjects, rephotographs them, and seeks new inspiration. Directed, written, and produced by Cam Archer. 
  • The Winterkeeper, (United Kingdom) - World Premiere. As the impact of the climate crisis intensifies each year, both Steven Fuller and Yellowstone face an unprecedented threat to their future — one that could forever change one of North America's last great wildernesses. Directed, written, and produced by Laurence Topham, David Levene. 
  • Ayenda, (United States) - World Premiere. Summer 2021 – As Kabul falls to the Taliban, members of the Under-18 Afghan National Women’s Football Team attempt a daring evacuation from their homeland. Directed by Marie Margolius. Produced by Marie Margolius, Connor Schell. 


Shorts: Resilience 

  • Blackwool, (Scotland) – World Premiere. On her first day at a high school in rural Scotland, a London teenager is targeted for her afro hair by cocksure class bully and must harness her inner power. Directed and written by Eubha Akilada.
  • Burrow, (United States) – World Premiere. Believing himself to be one of the last survivors left in the wake of extinction, an ex-war soldier finds unexpected comfort with the arrival of a weary traveler, forcing him to reckon with his long avoided sexuality. Directed and written by Leaf Lieber.
  • Dana Ivgy “To The Desert”, (Israel) – New York Premiere. An attempt to escape the loop of day-to-day life and the loop in my head. To get out, to get off, to stop the obsessive need to create for a minute. Is it possible at all? Performed by Dana Ivgy. Directed by Asaf Yecheskel. Written by Dana Ivgy.
  • Hafekasi, (Australia) – World Premiere. A 10 year old Tongan-Australian girl begins to realise she's different to her single, white mum and family. Both mother and daughter navigate identity and belonging in '90s Melbourne suburbia. Directed and written by Annelise Hickey.
  • The K-Town Killer, (United States) – World Premiere. A professional fighter hiding her career defends her mother from an abusive landlord. Directed and written by Healin Kweon, Vahan Bedelian.
  • The Sperm Bank, (United States) – World Premiere. Newly diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer, 23-year-old Rob must now take the first big step…masturbate into a cup to protect a future he isn’t sure exists. Directed by Margaux Susi. Written by Rob Scerbo, Jeremy Culhane.
  • Voice Activated, (Australia) – New York Premiere. A florist with a stutter is forced to cooperate with a voice activated car on the way to an important delivery. Directed by Steve Anthopoulos.


Shorts: Tapestry 

  • The Right to Joy, (United States) – New York Premiere. After surviving a near fatal cougar attack while cycling, Izzy Sederbaum overcame anxiety and anti-trans hate by rediscovering the joy of biking and promoting diversity and inclusion in the sport. Directed by Tim Kressin.
  • To My Father, (United States) – World Premiere. To My Father depicts Deaf actor Troy Kotsur's journey to winning an Oscar and his father's inspiring influence on him, despite a tragic accident. Directed by Sean Schiavolin.
  • Deciding Vote, (United States) – World Premiere. 50 years ago, assemblyman George Michaels cast a single vote on New York's abortion bill that changed the course of American history but destroyed his political career in the process. Directed by Jeremy Workman and Robert Lyons.


Shorts: Say it Loud

  • Special, (United States) - New York Premiere. In Lizzo's music video, visuals, empowering lyrics, and energetic performances celebrate self-love, body positivity, and individuality. Bold, colorful, and full of positive energy. Directed by Christian Breslauer. Produced by Nick Pistone, Michael Breslauer. 
  • Savi the Cat, (United States) - New York Premiere. When a devoted Kenyan husband surprises his new Black-American wife with an adorable kitten, neither are prepared for the destruction it wields upon their home, their life, and ultimately, their marriage. Directed and produced by Bryan Tucker, Netsanet Tjirongo. Written by Netsanet Tjirongo. 
  • Merman, (United States) - World Premiere. A 58 year-old Black queer man speaks about his life as an emergency nurse, leather title holder and civil rights advocate. Directed, produced, and written by Sterling Hampton IV. 
  •  Cruzan Cowboys, (United States, US Virgin Islands) - World Premiere. A short documentary chronicling the horse jockey community in Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands - through the perspective of a young aspiring jockey, native to the island. Directed by Doug Segars. Produced by Nandi George, Trina Nicole Peterson, Product of The Work. Written by Doug Segars, Joe Lee. 
  • Goodbye, Morganza, (United States) - World Premiere. A property dispute led to one family's displacement from their ancestral home. Today, their youngest daughter is left to pick up the pieces—all of them fitting within two storage units. Directed by Devon Blackwell. Produced by Daniel Lombroso. 
  • Black Girls Play: The Story of Hand Games, (United States) - World Premiere. An illuminating look at the influence that hand games played by Black girls has had on the American creative landscape. Directed by Joe Brewster, Michele Stephenson. Produced by Michele Stephenson. Winner of the 2023 Best Documentary Short. 


Tribeca NOW Showcase A (Narrative) 

  • Hey, Joe, (United States) - World Premiere. A humorously deadpan show about the joys of everyday home cooking, hosted by Philadelphia chef Joe Beddia. In this pilot episode, Joe visits an oyster farm and his local grocer to make dinner for his friend Khoran Horn, a fellow chef. Directed by Scott J. Ross. Produced by Eric Wareheim. Written by Joe Beddia, Scott J. Ross. 
  • I Hate People, People Hate Me', (Canada) - World Premiere. Perpetually disturbed by the world around them, two twenty-somethings navigate their lives as underdogs in Toronto’s queer community. Directed by Blake Mawson. Produced by Bobbi Summers, Palmer Baranek, Jeff So. Written by Bobbi Summers. 


Tribeca NOW Showcase C (Narrative) 

  • Do It to Me if You Want, (United States) - World Premiere. After an unexpected run-in on the lawn of a Halloween frat party, Kent and Alexandra try...and try again to communicate. Do It To Me If You Want is a pitch-black dramedy series exploring the gray area of desire - all the sh*t we don't have language for that nevertheless dictates everyone's relationship to everybody - as experienced by a group of state college students over the course of a school year. Directed by Elise Kibler, James Udom. Produced by Elise Kibler, James Udom, Gabe Wilson. Written by Elise Kibler. 
  • Driven, (United States) - World Premiere. Driven tells the story of Teddy Fischer (Rebecca Henderson), an Uber driver and failed novelist who is living in her brother’s laundry room. While contemplating suicide, Teddy gets a ride request from Yari Alvarez (Krissy Lemon), an overly confident, deaf yodeler, who insists that Teddy drive her to her parents’ (Liza Colón-Zayas, Gary Perez) McMansion to defend her as a fellow artist. Directed and written by David Shane. Produced by David Shane, Ralph Laucella, Lalou Daimond, Marc Grill, Joaquin Baca-Asay, Gavin Cutler. 
  • Honeycomb, (United States) - New York Premiere. After a has-been musician (Baron Vaughn)  live-streams his suicide attempt, his band's single goes viral. For the first time in their life, they have a chance at fame and fortune — as long as the world continues to believe he's dead. Directed by Sam Roden. Produced by Elisha Yaffe. Written by Joseph L. Roberts, Sam Roden. 

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