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Tribeca Festival 2023 Audio Storytelling Lineup

Tribeca Festival 2023 Audio Storytelling Lineup

he 11 “Live-from-Tribeca” events, which range from exclusive conversations with audio creators to live tapings of hit shows, such as an audio artists panel hosted by Avery Trufelman (Articles of Interest, 99% Invisible); a live taping of Crooked Media’s Pod Save America with guest co-host Alex Wagner; a 25th anniversary rewatch event of Will & Grace followed by a live taping of SmartLess Media’s Just Jack & Will featuring Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack; a live taping of Selected Shorts with New York Times Bestselling author Roxane Gay; a live taping of New York Times Audio’s Modern Love with Kim Cattrall; and a live taping of Sonic Union’s Perreo 101 followed by a musical performance by Cuban artists Yotuel and Beatriz Luengo.




Conversations with audio creators, world premiere events, live tapings of hit shows, and more.


Emerging Audio Artists Panel – Previews and discussion. A special guest will moderate a panel featuring the creators behind the Tribeca Festival’s 2022 Audio Storytelling Official Selections in the Independent category. Short audio clips from these creators’ audio pieces will punctuate the conversation. The discussion will explore how each of these audio pieces came to be, obstacles faced by the creators, and what is next for this group of audio artists.


Established Audio Artists Panel with Host Avery Trufelman – Previews and discussion. Avery Trufelman (Articles of Interest99% Invisible) will moderate a panel featuring the creators behind the Tribeca Festival’s 2022 Audio Storytelling Official Selections in the Established category. Short audio clips from these creators’ audio pieces will punctuate the conversation. The discussion will explore how each of these audio pieces came to be, obstacles faced by the creators, and what is next for this group of audio artists.


Pod Save America with Guest Co-host Alex Wagner (Crooked Media) – Live taping. The Tribeca Festival will host a live taping of an episode of Crooked Media’s hit series, Pod Save America, with the full cast, Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer, Tommy Vietor, guest co-host Alex Wagner, and featuring a special surprise guest. The four former aides to President Obama have a no-bullshit conversation about politics.


Just Jack & Will: A Will & Grace 25th Anniversary Rewatch Event (SmartLess Media) – Screening and live taping. On the 25th anniversary of Will & Grace, the beloved NYC-based sitcom, Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack are back for Just Jack and Will, a new rewatch podcast from SmartLess Media. This live Tribeca Festival event will feature a screening of an episode of Will & Grace, followed by a rewatch conversation with Sean Hayes, Eric McCormack, and a special guest.


Selected Shorts Live with Roxane Gay – Live taping and performances. The theme of this Live-from-Tribeca episode of the beloved program, Selected Shorts, is “Night at the Movies.” On Wednesday, June 14, the Tribeca Festival will partner with Selected Shorts at Symphony Space in New York City for an evening of short stories dedicated to the love affair between fiction and filmmaking. New York Times Bestselling author Roxane Gay will guest-host the show with other special guests.


Modern Love with Kim Cattrall (New York Times Audio) – Live taping and performance. New York Times Audio’s popular Modern Love podcast with special guest Kim Cattrall. Host Anna Martin will also be joined by the editors of The New York Times’ Modern Love column, Daniel Jones and Miya Lee. The Modern Love podcast explores the complicated love lives of real people, based on the weekly New York Times column.


It’s Been a Minute with Brittany Luse (NPR) – Live taping. A live-from-Tribeca taping of NPR’s beloved podcast series, featuring a surprise guest. Each week, Brittany Luse takes the things everyone's talking about and, in conversation with her favorite creators, tastemakers, and experts, gives you new ways to think about them.


You Feeling This? with James Kim and JT Green (iHeartRadio and Overtones Media)  – World premiere and performance. The anthology fiction podcast You Feeling This? will make its world premiere with a live performance of the show. The event will feature showrunner James Kim and composers Ryo Baum and Robert Garrova playing a live score to several episodes from the audio series. There will also be a discussion with JT Green and a musical performance from Katy Kirby. You Feeling This? is a fiction podcast mixtape about love, presented by iHeartRadio and Overtones Media.


Perreo 101 with Musical Guests Yotuel and Beatriz Luengo (Sonic Union) – Live taping and performance. A live episode taping of Perreo 101’s second season: “Cubatón”, in partnership with Sonic Union. Cuban artists Yotuel and Beatriz Luengo will join Music Historian and host Katelina ‘Gata’ Eccleston to explore their musical contributions, the social paradigms of the Cuban-based Reggaeton subgenre, and their Grammy Award-winning song ‘Patria Y Vida’.


Dreamtown: The Story of Adelanto (Crooked Media) – World premiere. This special event will celebrate the brand new narrative audio series, Dreamtown: The Story of Adelanto from Crooked Media. In 2014, Adelanto, a city in California’s high desert, was about to go bankrupt. Then a stranger came to town with a crazy idea to make Adelanto great again: Weed.


The Space Within (Audible Original) – World premiere. The Audible Original thriller from Topic Studios, in association with Freckle Films, Solaris Productions, and Ramble Road, will follow Dr. Madeline Wyle (Jessica Chastain), an internationally acclaimed psychiatrist specializing in trauma. When she discovers a string of patients with the same, seemingly supernatural, repressed memories, she is forced to risk her reputation and career to confront the possibility that their memories of alien abduction might be real. Also starring Bobby Cannavale, Ellen Burstyn, Michael Stuhlbarg, Shea Whigham, and Carmen Ejogo. Created and written by Gregory O'Connor and Josh Fagin, and directed by Stephen Winter. Executive produced by Christy Gressman, Maria Zuckerman, Jessica Chastain, Josh Fagin, and Gregory O’Connor. Produced by Vincent Cacchione. Original music by Vincent Cacchione and Jeff Tobias.



The following titles are eligible for the Independent Audio Nonfiction Award.


Abridged (Goat Rodeo) – World Premiere. Abridged is a podcast about bridges. More specifically, it’s about the many roles that bridges play in our lives: as gateways to history, architectural icons, in-between spaces, and carriers of memories. You’ll hear about a bridge that suddenly started singing, a photographer who’s climbed to the top of every bridge in New York City, a woman who married a bridge, ants who build bridges out of their own bodies, kids who build bridges out of toothpicks, and more. (Created by Rebecca Seidel.)


Magic on a Winter's Night (IWR Media, RTÉ Lyric Fm) – World Premiere. Wexford Festival Opera began in the unlikeliest of places and times: a rural town (pop.12,0000) 1950s Ireland. To set itself apart, the festival looked to introduce audiences to neglected or forgotten operas and drawn by curiosity, international critics soon began to recount the magic they found here. As they work for long days and nights, for weeks on end, here we discover the fundamental truth of sorcery: magic doesn’t just happen. It is made. (Created by Mary Brophy, Neal Boyle, and Eoin O'Kelly.)


Shalom Amore (Live Action Projects) – World Premiere. An epic love story reveals surprising truths about an Italian Jewish family, split apart by Fascism. How do you know when to flee? And what does it mean to stay? (Created by David Modigliani.)


Weight For It (ohitsBigRon studios) – World Premiere. Ronald Young Jr is looking for love and wondering if he can ever truly be desirable as a fat man. On his search he finds that even in seemingly the safest of spaces, he might not exactly fit in as well as he had hoped. Along this mental journey he makes a discovery about himself that is not exactly comforting. (Created by Ronald Young Jr.)



The following titles are eligible for the The Audio Nonfiction Award.


Dreamtown: The Story of Adelanto (Crooked Media) – World Premiere. In 2014, Adelanto, a city in California’s high desert, was about to go bankrupt. Then a stranger came to town with a crazy idea to make Adelanto great again: Weed. (Created by David Weinberg, Sarah Geismer, Katie Long, and Mary Knauf.)


Free from Desire (Paradiso Media) – World Premiere. Growing up in Paris, Aline's lack of interest in sex as a teenager alienated her from peers. Today, she recounts what life was like before discovering her own asexuality. (Created by Aline Laurent-Mayard, Emi Norris, Lorenzo Benedetti, Louis Daboussy, and Benoit Dunaigre.)


The Unmarked Graveyard: Stories from Hart Island (Radio Diaries and Radiotopia from PRX) – World Premiere. Hart Island, off the coast of New York City, is America's largest public cemetery. More than a million people are buried there, among them early AIDS patients, homeless people, immigrants, artists, prisoners, and about ten percent of New Yorkers who died of Covid-19. Hart Island's graves are unmarked, and many who are buried there are shrouded in anonymity. In this series, six of these people’s loved ones go to great lengths to uncover their stories. (Created by Alissa Escarce, Nillie Gillies, and Joe Richman.)


Wilder (iHeartMedia) – World Premiere. Since the first Little House book was published, readers have flocked to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s stories of her pioneer family. Her life and legacy remain as mesmerizing, controversial and violent as the America she represents. In a country currently at odds with itself could there be a better time for an exploration of this woman? (Created by Glynnis MacNicol, Emily Marinoff, and Jo Piazza.)



The following titles are eligible for The Independent Audio Fiction Award.


Aisha – World Premiere. Aisha, a Palestinian girl in Gaza City, longs for freedom and safety - without having to give up her cultural and religious identity to the Israeli-American aid worker that wishes to "save" her. Deep below the surface, in a smuggling tunnel, a new Underground Railroad, she dreams of another path, another way. (Created by Cory Choy and Feyiṣayo Aluko.)


The Fabulists (Long Story Short Productions) – World Premiere. The mysterious company known as The Revisions Department improves people's lives by running elaborate confidence schemes, ones that help their clients find what's missing in their lives instead of cleaning out their bank accounts. Harry Finch has long been the mastermind behind these schemes, but lately his work has been suffering. To help right the ship, Harry's boss does the unthinkable. (Created by Gabriel Urbina.)


Happy Accidents – World Premiere. Happy Accidents is a surreal dark comedy which takes the form of a meditation series, set in the village of your mind. The village is a green and pleasant land, surrounded by glistening water. Every thought and tendency of the mind has a home there. The series is narrated by Charlie, a naive meditation instructor. He wants to help you achieve the Authentic Self, and does dubious things in the village to achieve this. (Created by Thomas Rawley.)


These Were Humans – World Premiere. In a distant future, humans are long extinct, and all that remains of their kind is recently unearthed audio recordings that present snippets of their daily stupid lives. Join us as we explore this gentle, simple, meaty species, one sketch at a time. These... were humans. (Created by Georgie Aldaco.)



The following titles are eligible for The Audio Fiction Award.


Necessary Tomorrows (Imposter Media) – World Premiere. In 2065, a reluctant defense lawyer must defend a climate refugee accused of murder. In 2022, writer Christopher Brown and tribal attorney Jack Fiander explain what he killed. Necessary Tomorrows is a podcast series that mixes science fiction and speculative fact to explore how to make better futures. (Created by Brett Gaylor.)


Scriptulated! – World Premiere. Scriptulated! is a lightly-scripted, heavily-improvised comedy podcast where each week, a new guest goes on a hilarious adventure through a different movie genre. They’ll have to trust their instincts and hope for the best as they make on-the-fly decisions, interact with a wacky cast of characters, and try to save the day before the end credits roll. (Created by Luke Burns and James Folta.)


Sleepwalkr 360 (Inside the Box Productions) – World Premiere. In 2044, underground entertainment troupes such as The Sandmen Collective illegally utilize SLEEPWALKR dream-scanning technology to sonaurally link audiences into the dreamscapes of others. "The Theatre" surveys the dream of a woman named Siobahn, and puts you in the shoes of a performer onstage, though it seems the audience has other ideas... (Created by Sam Kellman and David Coleman.)


The Very Worst Thing That Could Possibly Happen (Wolf at the Door Studios) – World Premiere. Raul's life in Hong Kong is thrown upside down when he discovers he can write letters to his favorite author, Sara- a woman on the other side of the world who's been dead for thirty years. Guided by mysterious forces, they meet in "the middle," in a profound and life-changing attempt to find love and meaning in a broken world. (Created by Alex Kemp, Winnie Kemp, and Chica Barbosa.)

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