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Whoopi Goldberg’s curated animated shorts program celebrates enduring friendships in Nate & John, escaping loneliness with adventure in the anime short Budō, and overcoming mental health challenges in In The Shadow Of the Cypress. Additionally, the electrifying music video lineup, curated by music video programmer Sharon Badal, spans pop country pulsating rhythms with Lanie Gardner’s Six Feet Deep; the latest retro synth-pop hit from Conan Gray; Never Ending Song, an electro-funk song from Wednesday Campanella; Prince Shoutoku, an all-new Bad Bunny musical from Armani Ortiz; and the heartfelt melodies of Zach Bryan’s Nine Ball.

“Tribeca received more than 8,000 short film submissions, and for the first time, we’re proud to present a majority-female directed program,” said Tribeca VP of Shorts Programming Ben Thompson. “We hope our 12 curated shorts programs—and our first-ever online music video competition—will delight, inspire, and even titillate our enthusiastic New York audiences as they discover diverse storytelling from original voices all over the world.”

The Tribeca Festival is curated by Festival Director and SVP of Programming Cara Cusumano, Artistic Director Frédéric Boyer; VP of Shorts Programming Ben Thompson; Senior Programmers Liza Domnitz, Faridah Gbadamosi, Jarod Neece, José F. Rodriguez; Programmers Casey Baron, Jason Gutierrez, Jonathan Penner, and Madison Egan; VP of Games and Immersive Casey Baltes and Immersive Curator Ana Brzezińska; EVP of Artist Relations Nancy Lefkowitz and VP of Artist Relations Meredith Mohr; Curator of Audio Storytelling Davy Gardner; Music Programmer Vincent Cassous; along with a team of associate programmers; supported and inspired by the legendary Paula Weinstein.





¡Beso de lengua! (Mexico) - World Premiere

¡salsa! (Colombia) - World Premiere

A Family Guide To Hunting (United States) - World Premiere

A Rose for Katrina (Australia) - International Premiere

À toi les oreilles (To Your Ears) (Canada) - New York Premiere

Alarms (France) - New York Premiere

Bite (United States) - World Premiere

Camping in Paradise (Norway) - New York Premiere

Catharsis (United States) - United States Premiere

Clodagh (Ireland) - New York Premiere

Complications (Norway) - New York Premiere

Dirty Towel (United States) - World Premiere

Ebb & Flow (Lebanon, Qatar, United States) - World Premiere

Favourites (Australia) - New York Premiere

Fire F*cking Fire (United States) - New York Premiere

Five Ways to Get Rid of a Hickey (Cinco Formas de Borrar un Chupón) (Chile) - World Premiere

Fuck-a-Fan (Netherlands) - World Premiere

Happy To Help You (United States) - World Premiere

Idiomatic (United Kingdom) - World Premiere

Is Now A Good Time? (United States) - World Premiere

I Want To Violently Crash Into the Windshield of Love (Mexico) - World Premiere

Jane Austen's Period Drama (United States) - New York Premiere.

Kasbi (United States) - World Premiere

Kum-Kum (Saudi Arabia) - International Premiere

Learning English (United States) - New York Premiere

Lice (India & United States) - World Premiere

Mermaids (Martinique) - World Premiere

My Best Friend (United States, France) - North American Premiere

NEA (Colombia) - New York Premiere  

Nepotism, Baby! (United States) - World Premiere

Next Week (Canada) - World Premiere

Officer Stanley (United States) - World Premiere

Oh, Christmas Tree (United States) - World Premiere

original skin (United Kingdom) - New York Premiere

Passarinho (Mexico) - International Premiere

Perfect Ten (United States) - World Premiere

Punta Salinas (Puerto Rico) - New York Premiere

Ripe! (United States, Spain) - World Premiere

Robbie Ain't Right No More (United States) - New York Premiere

Sea Lion Cow (United States) - World Premiere

Shut Up, Jack (United States) - World Premiere

Smile, God Loves You. (United States) - World Premiere

Some Kind of Paradise (United States) - New York Premiere

Swollen (United States) - World Premiere

The Brown Dog (United States) - International Premiere

The Cost of Flesh (France) - North American Premiere

The Creators (United Kingdom) - North American Premiere

The End Of The Party (United States) - World Premiere

The HongFu Hotel (United States) - World Premiere

The White Rabbit (United States) - World Premiere

Veo Veo A Family (United States) - World Premiere



All Things Metal (United States) - World Premiere

Black Hercules (United States) - World Premiere

Bright White Light (Finland) - World Premiere

Budd, Sweat & Tearz (United Kingdom) - World Premiere

Canine (Ireland/Namibia) - International Premiere

Confessions of a Jumbotron Addict (United States) - World Premiere

David Again (United States) - New York Premiere

Depression is a Beast (United States) - World Premiere

Dynasty and Destiny (United States) - New York Premiere

Earthshine (United States) - World Premiere

JUMPMAN (United States) - World Premiere

La Roche (Switzerland) - United States Premiere

Lost Bois (United States) - World Premiere

Makayla’s Voice: A Letter to the World (United States) - New York Premiere

Motorcycle Mary (United States) - World Premiere

Out of the Dark: Cal Calamia (United States) - World Premiere

Pastrana (Brazil) - North American Premiere

Sol Béni (Côte D'Ivoire) - World Premiere

The Solace of Sisterhood (United States) World Premiere



Budō (Sweden) - International Premiere

In The Shadow Of the Cypress (Iran) - North American Premiere

LUKi And The Lights (Netherlands, United States) - New York Premiere

Nate & John (United States) - World Premiere

Ruthless Blade (China) - International Premiere

Scrubby (Germany) - World Premiere

The Mayfly (United States) - New York Premiere



“Booked A Room” (United States) - Performed by Kris Lefcoe.

“En El Bronx Part 2” (United States) - Performed by Bad Bunny.

"Illusion" (United States) - Performed by Dua Lipa.

“Never Ending Song” (United States) - Performed by Conan Gray.

"Nine Ball" (United States) - Performed by Zach Bryan.

“Prince Shoutoku” (Japan) - Performed by Wednesday Campanella.

“Six Feet Deep” (United States) - Performed by Lanie Gardner.

"Wanting and Waiting" (United States) - Performed by The Black Crowes.

"Water" (United States) - Performed by Tyla.

“Won’t Be Around” (United States) - Performed by Terry Blade.


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