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Actress Maryam Basir

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If you're a fan of actress Maryam Basir, you don't want to miss out on the limited edition hard copy of her October 2023 issue. This stunning magazine showcases Maryam Basir in her element, captivating audiences with her talent and beauty.

With this exclusive hard copy, you'll have a collectible item that is sure to become a cherished possession for any fan. Printed on high-quality paper, this magazine showcases the captivating photography of Allan Ali, whose skill behind the lens brings out the best in Maryam Basir.

As you flip through the pages, you'll also get a glimpse into the creative process with behind-the-scenes shots and insights into the collaboration between Maryam Basir and the talented team behind this issue. Corey Hariston, the photography assistant, played an instrumental role in capturing those perfect moments, while Maryam Basir herself served as both the creative director and the hair & makeup artist, ensuring every detail was just right.

One of the highlights of this issue is the collaboration with Baayfall_fashion, a renowned graffiti artist whose vibrant artwork adds an extra layer of creativity and excitement to Maryam Basir's photoshoot.

Key Features:

  • Limited edition hard copy featuring actress Maryam Basir
  • High-quality photography by Allan Ali

With this October 2023 issue of actress Maryam Basir, you'll immerse yourself in the world of a talented and captivating artist. Don't miss out on this must-have collector's item.