Print-on-Demand- Save Broadway 2020

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Ouch! Magazine® Print-on-Demand- SAVE BROADWAY 2020
NYC is shut down and this issue is a tribute to our love of Live Shows and Broadway Shows in New York City .
Originally from Sydney, Australia, Kaye Tuckerman
is in demand throughout the world as a Director, Actress, and Educator. Kaye is based in New York City and continues to work throughout the USA, Canada, London, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa, and Kenya.
Contributors :
Photographer Lowell Taylor, Stylist: Cara Gordon, HMU: Teresa Ammons,Photographer: Alissa Wyle
Makeup Artist: Rose Fortuna, Stylist: Ashley Vancol,Model: Yanina Johnson
Photographer: Anna  DeMarco, Photographer Andrew Segreti,Photographer:  Kurt Sneddon
Stylist:  Rudy Reed,HMUA:  Brad Laskey
Illustration: Kaye Tuckerman @kayetuckerman
Photographer: Stanislav Solovkin @Soar Productions International
Producer: Jose Javier Morales Gonzalez
Producer:Taylo Garcia Sotelo, Photographer Tom Marvel,Makeup: Ashley Oppedisano
Images provided by G SPOT Recordings,Photos Courtesy of Segway
Photographer Hannah Shaira Cam