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9 Ways to Get a Summer-Ready Look

9 Ways to Get a Summer-Ready Look

Winter can feel like it drags on forever, and during those chilly months, the balmy days of summer can begin to seem like a distant memory. But the good news is that summer always returns, and we’re getting to the point where we can begin making fun plans for the great few months that are getting closer and closer.

After a few months spent more or less inside, many of us are not quite as ready for summer, from a body perspective, as we’d like to be. Well, with summer still some time off, now’s the time to do something about that. Below, we’ll run through a bunch of tips that’ll have you looking your best once summer arrives.


Look After Your Skin


Your skin will have been put through its paces over the past few months, especially if you live in a cold climate. All that wind and cold air can cause havoc with your skin, making it look tired, ashy, and dry. 


With the sun beginning to show its face, now’s the time to begin getting your skin back into tip-top condition. You can handle less-than-perfect skin during winter, but not when we’re out and about in shorts and t-shirts. You can get your skin ready by exfoliating from head to toe and then using a quality body lotion each day. 


Healthy Eating 


There’s nothing better than comfort food when the temperatures outside are chilly. But with the arrival of spring, it’s time to ditch those warming meals and replace them with ones that’ll pay off when summer arrives. Eating healthy meals won’t only help to get your body into shape, but it’ll also give you the energy you need to enjoy the summer months to the fullest. Plus, eating nutritious meals has been shown to improve mood, so you’ll also be doing your bit to get yourself into a nice, positive frame of mind — and there’s no better time to take full advantage of such a mindset than the summer months. 


Sculpt Your Body


It’s highly tempting — recommended, even — to spend long hours on the couch watching Netflix during winter. But the couch will be retired during the summer months, and instead, you’ll be by the pool or at the beach, or otherwise soaking up the rays. You’ll walk out with a strut during the summer months if your body is in tip-top condition. There are a couple of ways to do this — you can join a gym or visit a professional; it doesn’t matter whether you sculpt your legs with surgery or intense workouts, so long as it gets done. In some cases, it might be worthwhile to use a combination of both. Even if surgery does the bulk of the work, spending time in a gym can help to improve your overall fitness. 


Refresh Your Wardrobe


Summer is the time to step out looking your best. There’s much to be said for dressing well during the winter months, but let’s be honest — we’re mostly just dashing to our homes, so there’s more leeway when it comes to fashion. During summer, there’s nowhere to hide. After all, you’ll be outside for huge chunks of time. Now’s the time to get your wardrobe up to standard. Thinking about the clothes you’ll wear today will save you a headache once summer does arrive. Most clothing stores are making their summer collections available around this town, so look at getting out the old credit card and investing in some quality pieces. 


Invest In Your Hair


Your skin takes a beating during the winter months; your hair takes a beating during the summer months. It’s much more likely that your hair will become dry and frizzy when you’re spending time in the pool or under a baking sun. Also, those hot days can cause hair to become more oily due to sweat. It’s the worst of both worlds! In the months leading up to summer, you can give your hair the best chance of summer survival by investing in some treatment options. Deeply nourishing your hair with a deep conditioner each week will keep your hair healthy both in the lead-up to and during summer. You may also consider visiting a quality salon to get a cut that’ll come into its own once summer is here. 


Goodbye Hair 


And talking of hair — there may well be some parts of the body where you don’t want to deal with hair at all. Many people are happy to have some body hair during the winter months (because why not?), but once summer rolls around, you’ll be more confident if you’re rocking smooth skin. If you’re tired of waxing or shaving your body, then you could consider permanent hair removal. This is a process, but it doesn’t take too many sessions, and since it’s permanent you’ll never need to wrestle with the issue again. Get started this week, and you’ll have smooth skin in time for summer — and for every summer that follows. 


Play Around With Nail Color


As everyone knows, summer is all about fun. And there’s no easier way to bring a bit of fun into your life than by painting your nails. There are some pretty hot nail trends this year, so take a look and start playing around. Armed with a wardrobe full of the best nail colors, you’ll always have something to make the mood even brighter once the sun shows its face. 


Clean Out The Makeup Drawer


It’d be nice if makeup lasted forever, but that’s not the case. As the new summer season approaches, take a look through your makeup drawer and throw out anything that’s reaching its expiration date. Plus, you’ll be more confident going into the summer knowing you’ve got a drawer full of the best makeup on the market. 




Getting yourself ready for the summer months takes time, but it’s worth it. No one ever regrets taking the time to do the work that’ll have them looking great during the most fun time of the year. 

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