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Black Entertainers

Actress Jules Nobles   One to Watch

Actress Jules Nobles One to Watch

Actress Jules Nobles One to Watch


I have a few personal style favorites. One is 1920s inspired. I love the "Old Hollywood"--glitz and glam, sexy but classy, regal presence. Another is ancient Egyptian inspired with statement piece accessories and bold, dramatic eyes to match. I have a list of inspirations.

What projects are you currently working on?

I have two pending projects. One involving the cutest little boy as the star character which is exciting. I am hosting the 2015 Jersey City Fashion Week opening night, main event, and brunch. Otherwise, working hard at getting the next booking.

 Who's your favorite actor or actress?

There are quite a few on my favorites list. Jeffrey Wright is always on there. He is seamless in his transitions from role to role and highly particular in his delivery each time. Meryl Streep is among my favorites. Her undeniable depth is incredible and inspiring. I have a vault of greats.

 What tv shows are you watching if any?

When I find time to watch TV, I watch Game of Thrones, Fosters, and Power. Each is extremely different but so invigorating to my artistic self. I particularly watch these, because of the ideas I take from them. 

 Are you on social media if so what your favorite? Are how can fans reach out?

I am on most of the popular social media outlets. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn are all listed as my name. Twitter is @1julesnobles. My official website has all of the links listed and a lot of extras as well.

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I see myself on a regular television network and working on a major motion picture by then. I also am making strides to be titled an author and an official charity benefactor within that time also. I would love to have a family of my own most importantly.

 Whats the biggest change you are facing right now?

I am adjusting to being in a new city, making new networking relationships, building new partnerships, and reinventing myself from the recent transition from Atlanta to New York City. I am finding much of myself in doing so. The amount of work, determination, precision, and patience is directly reflective of the outcome I expect to gain. Growth is uncomfortable in many instances. It is a fair and necessary journey for me. Nonetheless, I am having my share of fun in the Big Apple, of course! (Ha Ha lol)

 Do you have any words for aspiring young black women who want to pressure the Hollywood life?

Know yourself. Plan meticulously. Invest time wisely. Be confident. Find out how to get what you want. Speak to the universe. Be specific. Take risks! Surround yourself with loving and supporting individuals. Find happiness independent of anything or anyone but YOU!

 If you could do anything over, what would it be?

I would do everything that made me most happy, made me feel most alive, and made me want that moment forever!

 Where do you call home?