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Unlocking the Success of Shane Marriott: The Porter

Unlocking the Success of Shane Marriott: The Porter



Photographer : Jessie Addo

Actor Shane Marriott   "The Porter"


This show is set in the 1920s. Let me tell you I love the costumes and the sets! What was your favorite outfit that you wore on the show? 

I felt the same way about all of the costumes, the wardrobe department did a fantastic job. As for my favorite outfit I’d probably choose what I wore in episode 2, a grey vest and dress pants with a floral tie that made the outfit pop!  Where did you film and how was the mood on set?  Filming location was in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Again I have to praise the production team and location department/set design for the amazing job they did. It was easier to settle into the 1920s era with the specific details in props, location and furniture. It actually felt like a blast from the past with the lighting and 1920s styling. 

Tell me more about your character Sticks. How did you prepare for this role?

He’s a man who has been through and seen it all growing up, loyal and abides by the ‘laws of the game’ but he’s also one not to be messed with. A man of few words but his presence alone means business. Sticks takes care of the dirty work for Queenie all while running an illegal gambling organization but his story plot thickens when he starts to realize and question who he can really trust. . A lot of research was done for the prep; articles, videos, interviews, novels, anything I could pretty much get my hands on that would give me an insight to particular mannerisms, style and the world during this period overall. Also after reading all of the episodes I had a better understanding of who Sticks was and his purpose to the story.

What is a day in your shoes like? 

I try to start my days a little early. The first thing I do is hit the gym with my trainer (XP @ Body By Chosen), then I come home, cook and eat something, work on auditions or help out my friends with theirs. I try to get some readings in and catch up on a couple of television shows/movies, squeeze in a nap if I can because who doesn’t like those. If it's basketball season I’m probably watching that by myself or with my friends occasionally. 



Actor Shane Marriott   "The Porter" /1

“My family and friends keep me grounded and I thank God for them”



What other projects are you working on that we should watch out for?

Some projects being released this year include; Reacher on Amazon Prime (Alan Ritchson), Firestarter (Zac Efron & Ryan Kiera Armstrong) coming this spring/summer, Children Ruin Everything (Meaghan Rath & Aaron Abrams) also an appearance on Mayday: Air Crash Investigation. 


Who's your ideal co-star? What's your dream role? 

That’s a tough one, there are many people I want to work with and co-star in a film with but if I had to choose I’d select Damson Idris (Snowfall), he’s got this energy to him and I think we could do damage on screen. My dream role that has been on my mind and part of the reason why I’m in this profession would have to be dedicated to the late Sidney Poitier. I would love a shot at portraying him in a film or even the opportunity to audition for it when Hollywood decides to bring it to the big screen. He’s a pioneer and has made it possible for a lot of us black artists to do what we love. 


How do you stay humble and inspired? 

My family and friends keep me grounded and I thank God for them, I can turn to them for anything and if I need to be ‘checked’ they are the ones I would rely on. They also keep me inspired, as well as some of my favorite celebrities Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Hart amongst others. 


How can fans reach out and support your journey via social  media? 

Instagram : ShaneMarriott_ IMDB : Shane Marriott

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