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Black owned  Cosmetics Company  Possible Cosmetics on the Rise

Black owned Cosmetics Company Possible Cosmetics on the Rise


How did you get started as a business owner, is make-up your first passion?

I actually started out in 2014 as a custom shoe designer!! Renata Eileena Custom shoes were the name, there I got my start in business. It was an AH-mazing experience, I’ve always had a passion for not just makeup but fashion and beauty as a whole. They go hand in hand. With my first business I was able to get some great publicity from Media Maven Karen Civil, our local news in Philadelphia, and VH1 for the wonderful designs I created with my hands. From there I begin to fall in love with the beauty aspect and decided to transition into cosmetics 


 Are you a makeup artist by trade?
No, I'm actually just a lover of makeup and I do respect the craft of makeup its self. I can certainly do a nice job with my own face lol but I don’t do it as a trade. Part of the reason I got into the beauty industry is to connect with other Makeup Artists and kind of have them test out the product and use it. Doing makeup is an art and definitely something I thought about pursuing but I have enough on my plate lol :)

 What is the aesthetics of your makeup brand?
So our name is Possible Cosmetics, a very unique sort of name that (I’ve been told) is a conversation starter. With that being said the reason why our name is what it is, is because we believe that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! We are a TRUE testament to that. As when we launched, we made history as the FIRST and ONLY black-owned cosmetic line to launch in the second largest mall in America ( King of Prussia mall) in Pennsylvania. So with us, we don’t only just sell cosmetics we also inspire, we tell our story and make women feel beautiful while doing so:)


How does it feel to know that darker skin black women
are finally getting a commercial exposure that they deserve in advertisements?
GREATEST QUESTION!! Thank you so much for asking this, this is something near and dear to my heart. I honestly don’t know what took the world so long to embrace this MELANIN beauty that we are seeing! It is so important that we make ALL women of every shade feel special. We all want to see a representation of ourselves as much as we can. ALL shades are beautiful I’m glad that mainstream media is starting to see the same beauty in darker skin women as we do!!!!! Being a brown girl myself I feel it is my duty to continue to put us in the forefront:)

What makeup brand besides your own are you obsessed with?
Well… Of course, I wear my own products but right now we only carry Lipsticks, lashes, and pressed shimmer powders. However, I find myself filling in the blanks with NYX, its cheap, it is EVERY DANG WHERE lol and what I feel is quality I have a lot of NYX products. But I’m team #POSSIBLECOSMETICS all day everyday lol


Black owned  Cosmetics Company  Possible Cosmetics on the Rise