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Black Entertainers

Chewii is the next big thing !

Chewii is the next big thing !

@chewiimusique Photography by Govales

Chewii is the next big thing !_1

What inspired you for this latest song? Did you write it? What's the meaning of it?

It's really important for me to write my own music because that is my power, the way in which I express myself candidly and truthfully. 'Soul Holiday' which is the first single from my upcoming album 'Fragments Of Me' is about the kind of love that transcends time and space and allows you to completely live in the moment. The kind of love that is so all encompassing that  you can't help but feel love for everyone and everything you come in contact with.  

How did you meet your partner in music?

Govales and I started making music together almost eight years ago. We met through a mutual friend that encouraged us to work together. We like to tell people it was love at first sight because when we first locked eyes we both felt an undeniable connection. We share a special relationship as best friends and lovers and have never stopped working together from

the first day we met.

Who's your fanbase and do you have a name for them?

I'm not crazy about the term fan so I call them my supporters. They support me and give me the freedom to make music and create art. Their support is priceless and I am forever grateful.

How did you stay positive during 2020? 

Spending time in nature and with animals keeps me very grounded and rooted in what's really important. The world is such a beautiful place and I think if we can focus more on the good and embrace gratitude and ignore the drama the news tries to bombard us with, we can vibrate at a high level and stay positive.

Name your day to day must do?

I have to get a workout everyday, not only because it keeps my body healthy and fit but because it strengthens my mind and gets rid of any stagnant energy. I believe that one simple positive change daily builds momentum and primes you for the next success so I work on awareness and presence of self so I can make sure I am doing my best everyday and making the small adjustments I need in order to reach my goals.

Will you be doing live events /shows anytime soon?

I am planning a live tour for early 2022 that will be completely in the metaverse. I'm really excited to announce the dates and exciting partners I'll be collaborating with.

Chewii is the next big thing !_2


How can fans reach out to you via social media?


I love when my supporters reach out to me, the best way to get in touch is through instagram. Let's talk!

How can they support you and buy your music?

My music is available on all streaming platforms. As an indie artist, word of mouth is very important in getting my music heard. Support me and other indie artists by sharing our music with your friends, family and co-workers so we can create a network of support around our art.