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Black Entertainers

Jumanji: Jungle Star Ser'Darius Blain

Jumanji: Jungle Star Ser'Darius Blain

Photographer: Eric Yang

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Star Ser'Darius Blain one to watch_2


1. Did you enjoy the first Jumanji movie? How is the new film different?
I was a huge fan of the first Jumanji when I was a kid. It was a little scary but exciting and I was a huge fan of Robin Williams. This Jumanji stands alone. It's a completely different story because it takes you into the world of Jumanji as opposed to the first one which brought the characters into our world. We get a chance to delve into the jungle and see the origin of what Jumanji really is.

2. What was the most difficult part about landing this role?
I only auditioned once and thought I had zero shot at landing it but once I did, the biggest challenge was keeping a good clean shave so they wouldn't figure out I wasn't 18.

3. Can you tell us a little about the character you play?
The fridge is a jock who just doesn't have confidence and belief in his own intellect so he relies on his ex-best friend, Spencer, to do his homework for him so he doesn't get kicked off the football team. He puts on a tough but cool persona so that people don't get too close to him and see his vulnerabilities.

4. How was it working with Hollywood A-lister’s like Kevin Hart and The Rock?
Working with Kevin and DJ was really an eye-opening experience. They have so much going on at one time and are able to be masters at every single one of them. Their entrepreneurs and extremely talented artists as well as family man. I hope to have that type of balance Someday.

5. What can you tell us about your role in The Last Full Measure? What was it like working with such a great cast?
The last full measure is about the bloodiest day in the Vietnam war. I play a young Sam Jackson and my squad and I get cornered in an ambush. An air force medic by the name of William Pitsenbarger saves me and countless others but ultimately dies in battle. The film focuses on 34 years after his death when I and my man try to get him a posthumous Medal of Honor. I got a chance to work with some amazing young actors like Jimmy Jagger, Jeremy Irvine, Cody Walker, Zach Roerig, Travis Aaron Wade and countless other standouts. We're the younger versions of Hollywood legends like Ed Harris and William Hurt. To even be mentioned in the same breath as them is an honor. I'm looking forward to meeting them.

6. Tell us about your role in Bolden. What attracted you to the part?
Bolden recounts the life and untimely death of jazz legend and creator Buddy Bolden. I'm a huge jazz enthusiast and had been looking for a great biopic to be a part of, so the timing of everything worked out great. I play Willie Cornish, buddy's trombonist, and childhood friend. He's a tough guy with a soft spot for Buddy and ultimately finds it difficult to watch his friend's demise but sticks with him every step of the way.

7. How do you keep your mind grounded and stay humble in the entertainment business?
The entertainment business has a funny way of humbling you even as you rise. You're always auditioning and as move up, you're just auditioning against bigger, better actors and with amazing directors and writers. Nothing's a sure thing and it could all be gone tomorrow. I just try to remind myself of that always. I'm extremely blessed

8. What would be your go to work out move?
My go to work out move is always push-ups! It's a total core workout. It basically hits every body part, besides your legs. There's never an excuse to not at least do push-ups.

9. How often do you work out and how do you stay in shape?
I work out about 4 times a week. I lift weights, do plyometrics, hike and my personal favorite; basketball. I love the competitiveness and I'm a professional trash-talker lol

10. Who's your inspiration or idol in acting?
Will Smith and Denzel Washington are my inspirations in acting. Will Smith has this way of inspiring hard work and joy in his work and Denzel is just a juggernaut.

11. What’s in your music collection right now?
Right now, I'm LOVING the Black Panther soundtrack. Kendrick Lamar DID THAT! Also, really feeling Daniel Caesar, H.E.R. Shawn Mendez, and SZA. There are a few others but we'd be here all day.

12. Single or Not single? If single what’s your type?
My type is funny, outgoing, goal oriented and thoughtful. I love people who are selfless and want to help others. Nothing is sexier than feeding the homeless and inspiring kids.

13. Can you let readers know what projects you have lined up for this year and the next?
I'm so excited to join the CW family and be one of the leads of Charmed! It's going to be a wild ride and so different from everything I've done in the past. Also, as you mentioned before, The Last Full Measure and Bolden will be out later this year. Plus, I just wrapped one of the leads in a super popular video game that will be out in October. Can't talk about it yet but if you follow me on social media, I'll keep you all posted!

14. How can fans reach out to you?
Hit me up on IG and Twitter @SerDariusBlain and Facebook Ser'Darius Blain. I always try to reach back out when I can :)