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Nickelodeon’s Side Hustle star Jacques Chevelle one to watch

Nickelodeon’s Side Hustle star Jacques Chevelle one to watch

Photographer: Tim Schaeffer at Cellar Door Studios


Watch Jacques Chevelle in Nickelodeon’s  new comedy series “Side Hustle.” The show follows two inseparable teenage girls who must find a way to make money after an incident that led to the destruction of a boat which belongs to their neighbor Munchy’s dad. As Munchy’s protective older brother, Jaget inserts himself to remedy the situation. The kids decide to create an app that helps match people with odd jobs and Jaget is in charge of making sure the business runs smoothly.



What is your character like on the Nickelodeon show Side Hustle? 

Jaget believes he is “The One!” He is Neo from The Matrix, Kendrick Lamar, and Alexander the Great all wrapped into one. He keeps the kids in line and makes sure they get all the payments into his father every week.


How different is he from your real personality?

I am a lot more laid back than Jaget. I spend a lot of my time hanging out with friends, listening to music, and dissecting movies.


Who is your BFF on set?

I am good friends with all of my castmates!


What is your favorite movie, new or old?

My favorite movie last year was Joker. I have never felt nauseous from an actor's performance before I saw that movie. Joaquin Phoenix did a fantastic job of carving out that character!


What is the perfect role for you that you just haven't done yet?

I would love to do a coming of age film.


What in life inspires you?

Every day I'm inspired by something new. Everything around me is filled with so much life. I get excited when I have the chance to express back to the world things life has taught me.


How do you stay humble? What's your favorite pastime?

My friends and family keep me grounded. When I’m not on set,  I enjoy hiking and drawing.


What would you like to see happen in your life in 2021?

I would love to go backpacking throughout Europe!


How can fans reach out to you on social media?

You can connect with me on Instagram @jacqueschevelle.