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Ouch Magazine Rising Stars feature Lidya Jewett

Ouch Magazine Rising Stars feature Lidya Jewett


Ouch Magazine Rising Stars feature Lidya Jewett / 1

Interviews by @ouchmagazineny



How old were you when you started your career in entertainment?

I started in print modeling and commercials when I was around 6 years old in Miami, Florida. From there I began to book larger commercial and national commercials and then was represented here in Los Angeles. 


What is a day like in your shoes?

My days start early!  I generally get up around 5:30-6:30 and start school.  If I am shooting that day and have a morning call time, we head to the studio and eat breakfast and begin school there.  My shooting days are a mix of shooting on set and school on set.  It is a lot of fun.  I always make time for reading, or practicing my music, or doing Tik Tok dances!  My day usually ends with a little school also as I like to get ahead and am in online study groups with some of my classmates.


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How do you go to school? 

I am so excited about my new school this year.  I am part of a great school in New York that has a global division for students like me who have unique schedules.  My global classmates are tennis players, fellow actors, ballerinas, and athletes who train during normal school hours.  That is why my day starts early. Because of the time difference, a 9:00 class starts at 6:00 am here.  I can always catch the replay of the class but I like to be live in the classroom and participate in the discussions.  I love my school!


What are the benefits of being a child actor?

Oh wow!  There are so many.  I love that I get to meet so many people and go to so many places.  I also think I am learning a lot of good lessons on how business works, on how relationships and networking works.  I think I am learning a lot about myself and what I expect from others.  And of course, it is so much fun to pretend to be someone else in a role.


 What's your inspiration?

A lot of things inspire me.  Most of what pushes me is the fact that I love doing what I do.  Not only the acting but also my school and pretty much just being a good person.  My mom inspires me because she knows my heart and helps me stay on the right path even when things or situations might try to change me.  


 What projects are you working on right now?  

Right now we are in the final stretch of shooting Season 3 of Good Girls.  I also spent 3 months in Toronto this last summer shooting a movie for Netflix called Feel The Beat.  It stars Sofia Carson (Descendants) and has an ensemble cast of tween and young kids who are her dancers.  I am one of those tweens.  We had so much fun and did a lot of dancing!  I think the audience will be happy to see a lot of representation in the cast.  It is coming out this summer on Netflix.


Ouch Magazine Rising Stars feature Lidya Jewett/2

How is it working on the set of Good Girls?

Amazing!  I love my Good Girls family, especially the Hill Family.  We have so much fun and laugh and sing!  My TV brother, Danny Boyd Jr, and I taught our TV Dad, Reno Wilson, a Tik Tok dance and uploaded it.  We just all fit together really well. 


Where do you want to be in 5 years in your career?

In 5 years I plan to be doing more of what I am doing right now.  I plan on writing and recording music.  I plan on more dramatic roles and since I will be 18 I think a lot more doors will open.  


What's your style like?

I’m a pretty normal young teen.  I like the new styles that come out.  I like shopping at Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 and Zara.  I like to be comfortable and feel good about myself.  I love putting things together that may not actually go together.  I guess that is me being original. I just like to be me. 


Where can fans reach out to you on social media?

Fans can reach me on all platforms at @LidyaJewett.  I am on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.